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Refusal to walk with me


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Hi all. I have a gorgeous 3yr old shih-poo girl who has suddenly refused to walk with me. Lottie has always been a 'daddy's girl', but that seems to have gone a step further, and she simply refuses to go on her regular afternoon walk with me! We'll go a few steps, I give her a treat, and then she'll plonk her little bum down and simply refuse to move. As soon as I turn around to return home, she trots along quite happily. Any ideas anyone?
Will she walk if her 'daddy' comes too? Does it make any difference if 'daddy' is at home (so is being left behind) or is out somewhere else?

Jasper is the same - he would happily walk with Mr N when he was younger, but then wouldn't go out if it meant leaving me at home. Mr N used to deal with this by bribing him into the car, and then J would be fine once they got to their destination. He struggles with the car now, and with the impact of lockdowns and Mr N working from home, I'm going on every walk, either with or without Mr N.

As we've worked round the issue rather than 'trained' for it, I'm not sure of the best fix - but I think I'd start from offering her walks when your OH isn't around, so she doesn't feel like you've forgotten to bring him!
Also, have you tried going in a different direction, it's possible something has put her off that route - something that might not have been on your radar, like a strange scent even.
Thanks for responding so quickly. It's kind of good to know someone else is in the same boat! We're both retired and we've started doing the same as you. lottie's daddy now comes on every walk, whether I do or not. I still find it a bit hurtful, though!

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