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Regular eating times


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Does anyone have any advice on how to get my dog to eat at regular intervals? She's a 6 year old springer spaniel that will usually eat at her leisure, 1-2x a day, but I'm getting concerned since she'll now go 1-3 days in a row only eating once per day. I understand it's the summer, and the heat may play a factor in her appetite. Is this something to worry about?
You should be in charge of feeding times. It sounds as if you let your dog "graze"and feed whenever it likes.

Stop all treats!!

Do not give your dog a bowl of food and let it eat throughout the day whenever it likes. This type of feeding is not good.

Organise yourself to feed your dog at about the same time each day, one meal offered per day should be fine but some like to give 2 feeds each day.

Don't offer too much, maybe your dog is already eating too much and is permenantly feeling full. (not healthy)!!

Only offer small amounts that your dog can eat in each sitting, if your dog is looking for more food do not give more just wait untill the next feed time when hopefully

she will be ready to eat again.

This way your dog will learn to eat when food is given, if food is not eaten within 15 minuites take it away untill the next feed time and offer it again.

If this means only once a day it will do no harm and she should learn how to eat when food is given.

This way you know exactly how much your dog is eating and when.

Maybe she is bored with eating the same old dry kibble every day, our dogs enjoy variety the same as we do.

You could try changing to a grain free kibble, these are much better quality than grain based ones, less is needed for total goodness and less is produced as a waste product appearing as poo!

( Wheat, Maize/corn, Barley, Rice) are all GRAINS used as fillers.

Our dogs get variety in their diets using different meats, and kibbles only for treats, various fruits and vegetables are also used as treats.

If you are worried that maybe your dog is not eating because she is not well, maybe a trip to the vet and have a check up would be an idea.
Agree with some above. Put food down at the times you want to feed, if they don't eat take it away, do not leave it down. We feed 2/3 in the morning and 1/3 at night. They will soon now when it's feeding time.

Not all grains are bad, processed grains, wheat and maize are bad however, whole brown rice barley and oats are good sources of nutrients and fibre.

If you fed kibble try adding warm water or if you have boiled/steamed veg use the water left over, this is packed full of goodness and creates a gravy. You could also add things to the kibble such as veg/fruit/meat to get them eating again.

Dogs are clever and will test you, don't be put off if they don't eat for a day it's fine, they are just stubborn.
The two above posts are 100% spot on, mine get a quarter of their daily rations in morning 7am then at 6 at evening, mine never leave any unless they are not well, u need to take control and no scraps in between unless it goes into their dish at feeding times
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