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Rehoming and home checks


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Do all dog centres require a home check before you adopt a dog?
Most do, though I have adopted through the Dogs Trust in the past when I provided a reference from my vet. The Dogs Trust send a form to the vet to ask if you have taken your current, or past pets, regularly to the vet and followed the advice of the vet.

My latest rescue is from a small sanctuary. A condition was that, as well as a home check, there was six foot high dog proof fencing. I protested that we had four acres of land with our cottage and that we couldn't possibly fence all that to six foot high. Their reply was "You can".

We compromised by buying six foot tall deer proof fencing and surrounding the immediate area outside our back door with it. It cost us hundreds of pounds :(  The silly thing is that it is all now gone and we are back to the original 3ft 6in stock proof fencing. Just hope that they are too busy to come round again.
That kind of thing is precisely why I don't want a home check. It would be cheaper to buy a dog. I just wanted to give a rescue dog a good home, it sounds like it's not going to happen unless I meet someone who wants shut of their dog.
The trouble with people wanting shot of their dogs is finding out why. People often lie about the reason. At least a rescue centre will have assessed the dog and it will be vaccinated and neutered and microchipped.

The sanctuary that required the six foot high fencing is unusual now. Most just ask that the garden is dog proof. This is common sense anyway. It is far too stressful to live with a dog that is not fenced in properly.

Of course you could live in a flat. Many rescues will rehome dogs to flats if the dog is a suitable breed/temperament.

The best way to persuade a rescue centre to let you have a dog is to visit regularly and wait for the right dog. They do not like people turning up and wanting to walk away with a dog. Take their advice on the sort of dog suitable for your lifestyle. They do know their stuff.
Well, I kind of know what kind of dog I want and I know which dog will best fit my lifestyle and my home arrangements.
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