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Rehoming whippets

Mal Hogg

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Hi everyone, I'm looking for some help rehoming two whippets in Scotland. Looking for contacts in the whippet world who could offer advice.
You probably know this already but you need to be really careful in rehoming privately as there are some people who will take dogs for some pretty gruesome purposes. I know rescue centres are over-run right now but it might be worth asking some about their vetting processes, if they would be prepared to share the criteria they ask for, you could perhaps use these to assess potential adopters.

Alternatively, some are now offering support to help owners keep their dogs - is that an option at all?

It might help if you were able to give more detail too, like the ages and sexes of the dogs, the reason you want to re-home them and whether they are to be rehomed together or separately.
There is a dog charity specifically for whippets, so my advice would be to contact them.
JR - that's the one. Specialist breed rescues often have a list of people waiting for the right dog.

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