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Selling Reiki for Pets


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Hi, my name is Pauline and I've been a Reiki Master for ten years with a passion for animals. Reiki is a complementary therapy, it is a method of natural healing that uses energy channeled through a practitioner's hands to promote healing and a sense of well-being. I am fully insured and offer a mobile service in Brighton and Hove and the surrounding areas. I can also arrange distant healing sessions if you are out of this area, all I would need is for you to email me a picture of your dog or any other pet and agree on a time to send the treatment. I will send the 1st treatment free and if you are happy with it any distant treatments thereafter I charge £15. Hands on treatments are £25 and I treat your pet in their own environment. Treatment packages are available depending on your or your pet's individual needs or requirements.

Reiki promotes healing on a physical, mental and emotional level and also complements other therapies very well, veterinary treatments or behavioral therapies for example.

It can be great for:

  • stress and anxiety
  • post-op to aid recovery
  • reducing inflammation
  • times of change or trauma
  • accelerating healing in sick or injured animals
  • aiding the settlement of an animal
  • supporting your pet in a boarding environment
  • supporting your pet in old age and at the end of life
I also offer:

One to One dog walking service, useful if your dog is post-op, recovering from illness or just doesn't get on with other dogs. The walks can incorporate Reiki if requested.

A home-care holiday service for small animals and exotics.

Any questions or enquiries please contact me : email 050.jpgpics.2 nov 2012 phone 125.jpg003.jpgCNV00130.JPG
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