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Relinquish dog help


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Hey looking for any legal beagles pardon the pun with knowledge of legalities of relinquishing dogs to a charity please? So in March my mum needed me to nurse her full time at end life cancer we felt we had to let our dog go, so filled out a surrender form and a relinquish form to a dog charity.

Day before he was due to be let go a friend stepped in and offered to take. Now he too cannot look after the dog anymore so said he was returning him back to us, I stupidly panicked as mum is now very unwell, and filled in ANOTHER surrender form but NOT a relinquish form ( it said on their website it is only this that transfers legal ownership to the charity) and I had more questions to ask them

however they contacted my friend without me knowing and took the dog at the weekend. I just want to know can they use the relinquish form from March or should they have had one signed now?

Many thanks.
I'm sorry you are in such a horrible situation.

The canine legal specialist in England and Wales is Trevor Cooper at

But I'd suggest you get in touch with the charity first - I may not have read your post correctly, but is it that you are having second thoughts and now want to keep your dog? With dog shelters being so full right now, many will do all they can to help keep the dog with their families.
Hey thank you I will get in touch with him now before I pay my own solicitor £600 :( yes I would like to try desp to make it work. I adore my little dog and it’s all tearing me apart. Thank you for not being judgmental as I tried to reach out on Facebook for help I’m pretty much got annihilated
I'd still suggest getting in touch with the rehoming charity first. If you can explain the situation you are in, with all the uncertainty and stress you have had over the last few months, perhaps they will be able to halt things.
I tried that as soon as I found out but they are not budging :( but thank you anyway x

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