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Returned puppy to breeder :(

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The best bet for a behaviourist is one who has qualified, through a university. You may have been fortunate in finding a COAPE trainer/behaviourist, who has completed all the levels, but the field of dog behaviour/training is basically unregulated, and anyone can set, and charge a fair amount of money. It’s a minefield out there, and really frustrates me We have a university qualified behaviourist that our vet apparently uses, quite a distance away, and I think he provides “exoert witness” reports for Court cases, and, due to his expertise, the waiting list is long, and his fees pretty expensive.
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I wouldn't be put off another Airedale either, they are a good dog and known to be good family dogs. May be you were just unlucky, I wish you luck.
An alternative route would be to consider a really good rescue organisation - one that has dogs in foster homes rather than kennels. Good rescues will know their dogs inside out and hate to have them bouncing back so won't let you have a dog who might be unsuitable. And if it doesn't work out, they will take the dog back again.
... though sometimes rescues won’t rehome to a home with children under a certain age. Not sure about regularly visiting children. Which is a shame in some ways, as a lot of dogs have come from homes with children in them, but I suppose they maybe have to err on the side of caution.

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