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Ring tail fault in a borzoi


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I'm new here. I have previously showed whippets, but recently got myself a borzoi to show. He is currently 13 months, so is in the junior class.

He has already got 2 cc's and an rc, and I have been really excited about his show career. I had an awful experience this passed weekend with an international judge (from India) who essentially told me that he had a disqualifying tail fault (a ring tail) and has no place at a champion show. I always believed he had a sable tail, but maybe I am just confused. He holds his tail low and swooping while he is stacked up and relaxed, but when he gets excited he tends to curl the tip over. As soon as he relaxes the tail straightens out.

I have attached some pictures - please can the experienced show hands tell me if his tail has a disqualifying fault and if I would be better off stopping showing him? I don't want to waste my time showing him if there's no point to it, if he's not correct I will simply neuter him and he will become a sofa pet.

In the pictures he is the dog on the far right (with more color) or further in the distance than the other pictured dog.


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From the photos i couldn't see a ring tail ..but if a judge spots it then they will class that as a breed fault unfortunately....he is lovely
From the photos i couldn't see a ring tail ..but if a judge spots it then they will class that as a breed fault unfortunately....he is lovely

Thank you, he is lovely. Do you what actually classifies as a ring tail though? I was under the impression it had to form a ring the whole time, and the fact that it doesn't ring when he is stacked up or relaxed means its just sable and not ring? The problem is that judge said its a disqualifying fault, which means there's no point in showing him at all (as opposed to for example a feminine head or flat feet, which are faults but don't constitute disqualification)? I am battling to find the actual definition of these faults.
My friend used to breed and show borzois ...
If the judge sees the ring at the tip of his tail at anytime it is deemed a fault even if he doesn't hold it like that all the time...I know it's not much comfort but it is quite a common problem that is passed down from parentage and can be difficult to breed out .....
It seems may find taking him to another show that he may not present his tail in a ring must be very frustrating

I think U mean he may have either a saber tail, or a ring tail. :)

Saber refers to a tail that is held in a gentle concave curve, similar in silhouette to the shape of Middle Eastern swords - which unlike European swords, were curved, not straight tapering blades.

Sable in dogs refers to a coat pattern of shading on the tips of hairs - in Rough Collies, the fawn dogs with dark tips on their guard hairs, and of course the required Irish pattern white markings, are called “sable”. Think of the classic Lassie look, & that’s a sable Collie.
A sable GSD is more variable, & can range from a light tan or rich red-fawn with dark tipping, s/he appears almost black, or bitter-chocolate brown.

I can’t open the photo file in the OP - could U please post a visible photo?
Thanks in advance,
- terry

If it was me, I would start criticizing the judge on his/her appearance, so how they like it ;)

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