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Hello everyone. I am at BSFA Kingsclere this weekend and my boy Rocky is looking for a dog to run with. He is 21 and a half inches and 34 lbs. He is 2 years old.

He trialled last moth and was OK. Please bear him in mind if you are going. Thanks Chris. :thumbsup:
Hi Chris

Have posted a reply on Whippet Forum. We're on the field v. early to set up so if you haven't found a dog to run with by then, I'll ask as the owners collect the numbers for their dogs.

Thanks Julia for that . I'm sure that he will be sorted somehow :blink:
Good news for Rocky :teehee: He now has a running mate for Sunday. Got a response on Whippet Forum :blink: Just need a runner for Solo now. Would need to be a big whippet with experience. Solo is 3 years, 31 and a half lb and 20 and a half inches. Can we fix him up? Must say, didn't run too well last month but did run 2 weeks ago at Sussex Longdogs. Fingers crossed. Thanks Chris :thumbsup:

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