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Runny Poo :(

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Thank you for asking :) So far so good! He absolutely goes mad for Honey's - he has it for breakfast only at the moment when we get back from his early morning walk (which are getting longer and faster and really testing my old man's legs :D) and we get dancing around in the kitchen, going on his back legs, and generally getting excited about the food as we get it into his dish. We're looking to move on to two meals a day soon, but at the moment the other two are Platinum wet, which he still enjoys.

His poos are now firmer, I'd describe them as medium-firm, and occasionally he passes a few very hard, small stools. We had a hiccup a few days back where he had a couple of runny ones, but we were doing some indoor training and I think he had too many treats.

Really impressed with Honey's - they offer good advice, sent lots of reading materials with his taster box and generally seem very helpful. The most important thing is, of course, if Rusty likes the food, and in the spirit of Madchester, he's mad for it!
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A bit of a setback - Rusty was wondering around indoors in the early hours of the morning, my wife has picked up on this as his signal that something's not quite right. He was let out in the garden but didn't do anything so I took him for a short walk in almost complete darkness - he did a couple of really runny poos :(:( Took him out on his usual early walk this morning, four runny poos :(:(:(:(. We have been keeping a food/poo diary so will look at that to see if there's any indicators as to what might be causing it. He is eating normally and was going mad for his Honey's breakfast this morning. I think it's either the treats we're using and/or the dog biscuits he has. I'll probably give him two meals of Honey's today, instead of his usual one, in an attempt to firm things up.
Oh what a shame. I would suggest stopping the treats, What product have you been using and what biscuit product are you using.

I would suggest the "Natures Menu Mighty Mixer" for a biscuit, it is oat based. Oats appear to cause far less tummy upsets than other mixers, this is what I use with my Raw fed lot, especially at bed time they get one each, the girls love them. They are made with rolled oats, fruit and vegetables.
Aw, poor Rusty. Has he been tested for the usual nasties (or possibly re-tested, as it's common for things like Giardia to return false negatives)?
Normal service has been resumed! Yesterday, he ate just his usual meals, so Honey's for breakfast and lunch, and Platinum wet for his dinner. He didn't eat anything else at all, with the exception of half a small dog biscuit as he went to bed. This morning yielded his first poos of the day, his first was hard and crumbly and had the appearance of a broken biscuit, his second was medium-firm. I've concluded that something outside of his meals is causing him upsets, I'm still leaning towards treats (@excuseme - the treats are by Wagg, I just happened to buy them, the biscuits are supermarket ones, not the best quality I know, but see what I have to say about this below).

I also spoke to Honey's again they offered some good advice, and they said they have had customers who have made a gradual introduction to raw have problems like this as it confuses the gut. Anyway, we agreed on the 2 x Honey's and 1 x Platinum and see how that goes as we have a fairly large stock of Platinum (however, if raw suits him a lot better, and it seems to, I will donate the Platinum to a charity).

This morning he had two slices of banana which he likes as he watches me prepare my own breakfast. I'll try and resist the temptation to give him anything else today.

I'm very impressed with Honey's so far, and thank you so much for whoever made the recommendation on here (sorry, can't remember precisely who!). I called yesterday to place another order, we spoke about the above, and they said I should have had a free pack of their dried liver treats and natural cheesy biscuits. I know this is all to tempt me as a customer, and it's working, but they do seem to take the time to listen to customers and provide advice which is a refreshing change!

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