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Well I hoped the English PM would hold off on a vote on hunting till after the Scottish ban had been given time to show it's true colours!

But unfortunatly the Government announced tonight that they will have a first vote on the 18th March and are planning for a full ban on Hunting to be in force by Autumn 2003. :(

This vote is in response to yet another MP being accused of being bent, and is a blaitent attempt by Blair to take the heat off another of his MPs and to save his party more embarasment.

Mr Blair

i'm also trying to contact a Mr Falwks I think his first name is Guy, (he'd sort blair out)
One of the Scottish National papers today had an article about the proposed ban on hunting!  (They didn't mention the wild mammals bill - just the ban on hunting)

The Scottish hunts reckon they will still be able to hunt (never mind the rest of the countryside pursuits) - they will use hounds and riders to flush out the fox and chase it into a line of guns - when they will then proceed to shoot it in accordance with the law.

NO I am NOT joking - this is serious.  The imagination runs riot!

Comments would be welcome please???   Your views are wanted - please respond - or if you prefer email me separately and I will compile a response????

Would you like this to happen in England????

I read with interest the paper today, as a top Cop slated the criminal justice system. A woman shot for her Rolex, an estate agent killed for his car, Gordon Brown robbing our pension funds. But hey lets ban hunting, bit of a throw back to the good old class war at Uni/Poly (delete as appropiate).

Why is hunting seen as such a class issue ?

I do not consider myself a "toff" and I do not consider many of the people that I associate with as "toffs" (Mark, QED).  



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