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Sally Hancock

Heather Lynn

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Hi all, joined your group today so thanks for the add. I am on here to find out if anyone knows if Sally Hancock is still breeding Lurchers and if so does anyone have a contact number or email. I have been the proud owner of two of her fathers lurchers in the past and both brought me many happy years. Any help from members would be much appreciated
I don't have a contact, but they moved a couple of years ago, not far from the original property I believe. Initially Sally was going to give up breeding completely, but I understand they do still produce an occasional litter. I've no knowledge of what is happening since covid. Is the website still active?
The website is closed down now, the last I heard there's a waiting list for any pups that are available.
You could go on Facebook and join a number of Hancock Lurcher groups. They know the contact details.
They are great dogs,with the speed to back their brains up

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