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Separation Anxiety (Help Needed)

Discussion in 'Dog Behaviour and Training' started by sammax, Dec 29, 2020.

  1. sammax

    sammax New Member Registered

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    My Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Max) had been acting very weird recently and I came to the realisation that this behaviour is only apparent when he's on his own. Max is 11 years old and never showed this behaviour until recently, he was taken to the vets earlier today to find out he has anxiety, dementia and arthritis. Regarding his anxiety there's multiple things he does once someone has left the room:
    • Headbuts + scratches + stares at the door
    • Moves his bed around
    • Whines
    • Paces around the room
    I've watched multiple videos and read articles on what to do to help soothe your dog's anxiety and I've attempted many of the methods mentioned yet none of them are seeming to work. I've tried training him to stay in one place as I walk towards the door but he follows as soon as I've got my hand on the handle to leave. I've also tried leaving him a 'game' where he could try and find his treats as soon as I leave; as soon as he'd found the treats after a couple minutes he went back to the door to scratch at it. I'm lost on what to do because I don't have enough time to stay with him constantly and I'm afraid that'd only worsen it too, I also have no clue on what to try next. Help would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you.

    (Quick side note, I'm not willing to try anything that'd harm him such as shock collars).
  2. JoanneF

    JoanneF Well-Known Member Registered

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    I don't have a great answer I'm afraid but I just wanted to say that a lot of the standard fixes for SA may not be as effective as they would for other dogs because he has dementia.

    It might be worth contacting Emma Judson who is a behaviourist who specialises in separation anxiety - she does online consultations at a very reasonable rate.
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  3. JudyN

    JudyN Moderator Moderator Registered

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  4. Jjohnd

    Jjohnd Active Member Registered

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    Sorry that I cannot give advice but I do hope that things turn round for you as it must be very upsetting.
  5. Kontiki

    Kontiki New Member Registered

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    I had a Munster lander with severe separation anxiety and it was an horrendous time... I feel for you....there is a workbook you can get... not sure if you’ve tried going out for a few seconds then back and extending the time only when he’s not’s been a while since I went through this I’m sure there is more professional help current dog is struggling with his mind in old age and we have been given the nutravet natural supplements .. nutramind seems to help .. we have recently started Axitane which seemed amazing as after 3 days we had our first night sleep in a few months but last night we were up all night so time will tell I guess .. good luck

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