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Shampoo bar!


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Do you guys use the regular shampoos or organic ones? I use organic oatmeal ones.

I've never heard about shampoo bars for pets until now and it's such a great alternative, I think! Have you tried Chubbs Bars?
Products – ChubbsBars

I don't bathe my dogs often, just when needed. Please let me know if this is a great buy!!
Hi, I hope you don't mind me jumping on this post but I thought this might be of interest to you? I sell a natural shampoo bar that you might like a look at? They are totally natural with neem and essential oils to nourish the dogs coat, they smell divine and no plastic packaging. My website is and they are in the grooming section. I am unable to post the link but hope this might help :)
Our lot never have shampoo of any description no matter how much the manufactures say it is beneficial for the skin and coat. Our lot get regular daily / weekly showers during the winter to clean the mud and dirt from their coats after a busy day. They do not smell so they do not need a scented product, their coats remain shiny and waterproof, they have no itchy scurf and they all live indoors with us.
Jake used to get the occasional bath, as and when needed(not even once a year generally!) But other than the fact I had no outside tap/hose, I would of been too soft anyway to wash him down with cold water!!:D:D:D
Ooh, were not wicked parents, (NO hosepipes here :eek: ) our lot take it in turn one by one , to be carried into the house and to the bathroom, where they are put in the bath and have a nice warm shower until the water runs clean. They are toweled dry and have their clean "Equafleece" coates waiting to help keep them warm and dry them off.
:eek::D so sorry for reading that wrong @excuseme !! :oops: I do read things literally sometimes, I just imagined all the dirt and mud being washed off outside for some reason...:confused:

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