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Shar pei skin


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Hi 7 year old shar pei both sides are exactly the same fur as been coming away for about 3 days, is booked into vet on Friday but today underneath the missing fur seems to be red spots or blotches, normally has good skin.

We have had a recent appearance of a couple of grey squirrels so possible link, update with all flea and wormer.

After looking I am thinking mites any ideas so I maybe able to start something before Friday, vet can not see prior have already asked.


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Do the areas bother her at all, does s/he seem itchy or uncomfortable?

I'm not an expert, but my feeling is that there's so many possible causes, it's not possible to recommend a treatment. If you did try something like a mite treatment, it might even make it harder for the vet to diagnose the correct treatment. Personally I would hang on till Friday.

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