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Hey Pet Enthusiasts!

I'm on the lookout for some delightful pet moments to create engaging content. If you're up for it, please share pictures or videos of your furry friends in this thread. Whether it's a goofy pose or a heartwarming moment, I'd love to see it all!

By participating, you agree that I may use your photos in content creation. Don't forget to share a bit about your pet's personality too!

Let's fill this thread with the joy our pets bring. Can't wait to see your adorable companions!
Is this a creative way of saying that anyone who obliges loses their copyright?
Is this a creative way of saying that anyone who obliges loses their copyright?
Maybe not loses, but shares. Which, to be fair, is also the case for photos posted on Facecbook, but at least I have a fair idea what FB will do with my photos. That's definitely not the case here - 'content creation' could be pretty much anything.
@FDTAnastasia, note that this forum should not be used as a recruitment platform. Please desist from messaging members about your website. Thank you.

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