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Sheba And Bracken


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Sheba and Bracken are 11 year old lurcher sisters. The lady who has them, due to age and other issues

can no longer look after them. I have been with them alot recently pending the finding of a suitable home to relocate them. I am happy to say that I received the good news yesterday' after a considerable wait, that both girls are to go to a new home together in just over a week. I will miss them but I am content in the knowledge that they are going to a good home as a pair. Marvellous! Some pics of them taken today :thumbsup:





What lovely old girls n what good news on the homeing front well done! :thumbsup: love the pictures of them having a blast round n what lovely muscle tone they both have for their age :wub:
Yeh. There's plenty of life left in them yet. I should have mentioned that the rehoming was arranged by Oldies Club. They actually rehome to proper homes not kennels. They have done a fantastic job for me. I could not be more pleased :wacko:
Thats good to hear Chris, sorry to hear that Pam is in ill health she is a lovely lady and I am sure she is heartbroken, but thankfully now she will have peace of mind that they will be well cared for xx
Hi Lesley are you all OK ? How is that Spry? I take the lurchers to Sittingborne middle of next week to their new home. Will be lovely for them.

Zorro and Henrietta ( Bramble ) are lure coursing with BSFA the weekend after next. There is still plenty of life in the oldies. Don't know about me though :teehee: (w00t)
We are all good thanks Chris, Spry is lovely as ever, still young at heart but retired from racing now she didn't put as much into it, so we figured she didnt enjoy it as much as she used to,I dont think she can be bothered, she 's always been pretty laid back but so well behaved.

I'm glad Sheba and Bracken are going to their new home together they are lovely dogs.

Enjoy the lure coursing :thumbsup:
Well. Sheba and Bracken went yesterday to their foster home. In Kent, to a house with a large enclosed garden and two friends to be with. They are Graf who is a 12 year old Lab. , and Shirley who is a 16 year old sheepdog who is deaf. Both these friends have quite serious health issues. In fact, Graf was given just 2 months to live, by the vet, and that was 14 months ago. Now if that wasn't a case of trusting to your own instincts and judgement for the owner......... .

Sheba and Bracken in the next few days will be seen by a vet ( not that one I 'ope ) and will then be offered by Oldies Club for permanent adoption. The club will always retain ownership of the dogs and will be very selective about where they go and in to whose care. I am amazingly grateful to this charity for providing a way forward for S and B and would recommend them to you should you want to give a home to an older dog. Here is a photo of S and B with their carer on the left and the friends. Job done Chris!


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