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Siblings - One has started Peeing On The Rug

Discussion in 'Dog Behaviour and Training' started by Ian Franklin, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. Ian Franklin

    Ian Franklin New Member Registered

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    Hi There
    We are new to this forum
    After any help or advice please

    We have two crossbred dogs, both bitches and from the same litter, they both turned out different which is great
    They will be 5 in February & despite warnings from our vet we have never had any major squabbles apart from who sits next to Mum on the Sofa !
    Initially one showed slightly more dominance but over time it has equalled out with them both having the upper hand in different ways now, if anything the slightly more dominant one has gone the other way

    They have a happy life as we both work from home so they aren’t often left alone & when we do it’s no more than 4 hours ever!
    Both are house trained & we very very rarely have any accidents & it has only been when one has had an upset tummy which is understandable

    In August we changed our lounge floor to wood & have put 2 rugs down
    One (who is the more anxious one of the two) has started peeing on the rug, it doesn’t happen every night or day in fact we thought we cracked it after having a 10 day break, but she has started to do it again, with the other one telling us by her bark in the early hours of the morning
    You can tell that she knows she’s been bad, by look on her face

    When we do playtime early evening with their toys she won’t go near where she peed on the rug (which we clean the best we can)

    We stayed away on the selfish firework weekend as she gets really stressed by the bangs, but as we arrived at the lodge we were staying in she peed on one of the bedroom floors as we went in, we told her off by different tone in voice

    We make a big thing when they go to toilet outside with praise & a couple of kibbles

    I’ve seen that some people say get rid of the rug, which we would do if that stops it, but we’d get another one (for the comfort of their little paws & ours) but are worried the same would happen

    Any thoughts, ideas or advice would be appreciated

    Many Thanks
  2. Kara 1

    Kara 1 Well-Known Member Registered

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    I would start by taking her for a vet check to rule out infection even if she isnt peeing all the time ...she could be peeing for fear of walking on the wood flooring doesnt feel safe for dogs ...i woukd get rid of existing rugs and replace with washable runners ..and unless you catch her peeing ...scolding her will just worry her and encourage her to pee even more ...
    Dogs dont pee on purpose and the look she shows isnt because she has been bad she picks up on your body language and can sense you are cross with her ...
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  3. leashedForLife

    leashedForLife Well-Known Member Registered

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    QUOTE, "Ian Franklin:

    You can tell that she knows she’s been bad, by “the look on her face”.


    Personally, I can’t tell any such thing, & as a trainer, I would bet dollars to donuts that in fact, she very quickly realizes U are unhappy / upset or angry with her, & her expression, body language, & behavior are all intended to DEFUSE the anger, & appease U before U blow yer top. :)

    Dogs don’t do “guilt” or shame, especially over necessary bodily functions.
    That’s why if they are consistently rewarded for voiding outdoors, on leash, as pups, they are completely unconcerned about voiding on leash or even off-leash with humans present nearby; they don’t suffer pangs of modesty & embarrassment, they just squat & void. It’s no big deal. :)

    Humans are culturally afflicted by guilt (internalized learning) & shame (external opinions, also learned). Dogs are blessedly free of these corrosive emotions.
    This does not mean that dogs have no emotions - far from it, they feel deeply. They just don’t grok shame & guilt.

    I will make 2 suggestions-
    1, install a C.C.-TV camera to document which dog is voiding, & try to tease out a cause.
    2, an immediate vet-visit for both dogs, & occult urine specimens taken from both.

    If they were my dogs, I would ask my vet to culture both urine samples - subclinical infections are a real bu**er to diagnose, & culturing provides a definite I-D for the culprit/s, so that no time is wasted with a broad-spectrum Rx that only hardens the target.

    There is now a multiply-resistant microbe that causes chronic UTIs, is hard to knock down,& tends to recur after periods of remission. // It has gone global, & can be transmitted between humans & dogs (we can get it from them, they can get it from us).
    Hence the need to accurately identify the infectious species.

    All digits crossed,
    - terry

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  4. merlina

    merlina Well-Known Member Registered

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    I'd certainly look into any health probs first and then consider: what changed? The flooring. It is very common for dogs to become anxious on slippy flooring. We have a neighbour who's Wheaten Terrier bitch has not entered the living room since laminate floor was laid 6 months ago. They think they may have to go back to fitted carpet. I think they're right- once a phobia starts it's really hard to get over! Good luck.
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