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Selling Sighthound dog day care in north hertfordshire

Pointy Face

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Hello. Just a quick post as I'm letting people know about my new sighthound specific dog day care in north Hertfordshire. It's called Pointy Face Dog Care.

If sighthound owners need to go out for the day, or part of the day, or need to go out to work and don't want to leave their sighthound at home on their own they can book their dog in with our friendly pack.

  • Based in a private home with cosy home comforts & a secure garden
  • There are daily countryside walks & fellow sighthound companionship for dogs who attend
  • It is licensed and fully approved by North Hertfordshire District Council
  • I am canine First Aid trained & fully insured
Pointy Face Dog Care is in Letchworth Garden City and only has a maximum of 3 sighthounds at a time to ensure lots of one to one attention. There are no kennels and dogs are never left on their own.

Why sighthounds specifically? I own a whippet, have experience with this group of dogs and am generally fascinated by them and their wonderful personalities!

We day care whippets, greyhounds, lurchers, longdogs, afghans, borzoi, saluki and many other sighthound breeds.

If you would like to find out more please go to

Many thanks,


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