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Sighthounds In Irish Pounds And Rescues 2010


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my first listing for this year, two fawn lurchers currently at Craigavon pound, release date today

one is a pup (dog, ref Ref No 0962) and the other (bitch, Ref No 1004)looks quite whippety in the photo

If you are outside the area and want to get any dogs from Craigavon into a rescue, I suggest you seek k9 members from Armagh vicinity or rescue groups in the area. may be a good point of contact. It is difficult to deal with pounds unless you can call in person.
Séamus is a young saluki cross who is described as not much bigger than a whippet:

Bambi on the same page looks to me like a whippetx, maybe part collie, smooth haired. She is in Limerick. Black and white lurcher Dylan seems a similar type. Also Silver, a broken coated lurcher. and plenty of greyhounds, mostly x-racers

These hounds are in rescues, in a safer situation than the pound residents. Some will be sent on to UK rescues - and even further afield - if they don't find homes in Ireland features both greyhounds and crossbred sighthounds, with a true whippet listed occasionally. spare a thought for 13 year old lovely Lulu

Nicole and Lionel also appear to be quite small so may interest you if you can't accommodate a greyhound Nina, a fawn whippet cross, described as a whippet, is looking for a home out of Carrickmacross shelter, Co Monaghan
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Nina is now described as a "pharoah hound" but I suspect she is a whippet cross. See her photo and description at along with several other nice dogs (many collie types), many of whom have been rescued from County Monaghan pound. thank you, Whippetwise, for directing me to that website.
Nina is now described as a "pharoah hound" but I suspect she is a whippet cross. See her photo and description at along with several other nice dogs (many collie types), many of whom have been rescued from County Monaghan pound. thank you, Whippetwise, for directing me to that website.
whippet cross Lady is still listed at the Athlone RSPCA site (she was on the page in 2009):
Nina and Lady are still looking, or at least there's no news to the contrary on the webpages.

there is a greyhound bitch in Dunboyne pound, county Meath. She is tattooed but the number is unreadable due to scar tissue

release date 22 Feb, will urgently need home or rescue place currently has two hounds up for adoption; one in Ireland and one going to the UK for rehoming rehomes some dogs within Ireland though most are sent to foster homes in Cheshire and rehomed in the UK
Nina has a home booked, Lady (Athlone SPCA) is still looking

NW Pet Rescue has a whippetx bitch, Senna, black with white shirt front and paws & a bit of white on her face). She is smooth haired, very whippet like but appears large in the photo (if Bernie or Evie - people I know in NWPR - is at the other end of the lead, they are short ladies, so a whippet might well be more than knee-high). Senna is thought to be about 4 years old, she's very friendly and loves to run. If anyone at k9 is seriously interested and wants to know more, I could probably meet Senna and report back to you.

Willow lovely but shy 6 mo old fawn and white smthcoat lurcher bitch, Cottage Rescue Tipperary

Senna and Willow are among the dogs currently featured at


black and tan, looks like saluki cross (small and short-haired): Dog name: WoodySex: Male

Dunboyne Pound (Co. Meath) Kennel number: 8 Stray Picked up: Lucan (nr Dublin)

In: 26/02/10 Needs out: 4th March

"Woody is a small boy and he is black and tan, not sure if he has some saluki in there? He is feeling very sorry for himself and had his tail stuck on his

backside and didnt want to go back to his kennel. He is a lovely boy and would be a stunner once cleaned and fed up and his personality allowed to shine

through. If you can help please post, pm [via PetsIreland] or call Martina on 086 3871498" (+353-86-38...)

Martina helps get dogs released from pound into secure rescue places (donations are welcome: )
Woody is going to Paws rescue, so he's likely to be moved out of Ireland to find a home ...

Senna is bigger than a whippet, well-muscled, nice temperament, still being treated for a skin condition. She is in Co Derry. See previous posting for link.
Collooney kennels has taken in 3 young stray greyhounds in urgent need and one whippet. see the rescue section at

Irish whippet rescue still has a pleasant young adult male whippet looking for a home and Senna is still available in the northwest so if you are in Ireland and looking for a pet whippet this is your opportunity!

Of course, if you can offer a home to a larger dog, a greyhound, that would be much appreciated.
photos of most of these dogs are on the relevant webpages

Ref No 1130, smoothcoated Lurcher dog at Craigavon/Portadown pound. Attractive smallish fawn dog. Found in Lurgan, Co Armagh. Release date tomorrow 24 March. So if you can help him, and especially if you have contacts nearby who can get him from the pound act quickly

Taylor, 3 year old black male whippet. Obedience trained house pet. "Homeward Bound2 is trying to find him a place along with C.C. a 2 and a half year old Staffie girl,also well trained and good with other dogs. This pair are very close (but sighthounds aren't the easiest dogs to rehome in Ireland and there are too many staffies in rescue everywhere; I just hope the fact that these two are well-trained and behaved will help find them a place)

I see that whippet Stanley has a home booked from Whippet Rescue Ireland. But there are others listed at that have been searching for some time

Dogs Aid Dublin - Gilbert, 5+mo old male whippet

Assisi, Co Down

Daisy, young female lurcher

JP, 5 year old male greyhound. Very affectionate, good on lead, but not cat-friendly

Dublin SPCA

Gus, white with brindle greyhound. Good with people and dogs

Leona, brindle greyhound-type lurcher (appears to be a bit smaller than a greyhound, very smooth coat). Laid back, easy-going girl

Fabio - young shorthaired lurcher puppy,. black with white markings, looks quite large

Mandy - pale fawn and white lurcher (saluki cross?), quiet & a bit shy

Max- 9 month old white and fawn short-haired lurcher. Good personality, playful

Gordon - 4 year old black with white greyhound, attractive markings, laid-back personality

two of the cards feature whippet types
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The ISPCA national centre in Longford has three greyhound puppies, about 3 months old, 2 blues (male and female) and a black with white blaze, shirt front, paws and tail tip ("Irish marked"? , male) (look for Dash, Smokey and Swift)

Stanley's rehoming hasn't worked out, I read, so contact k9er "Whippetwise" if you are interested, also if you can foster a whippet IN IRELAND

In the Derry area, Senna at Northwest Pet Rescue is still looking as well.

ANOTHER whippet or whippetx has landed in Dundalk pound, white and brindle male, available for rehoming 6 Apr. 2010. Looks well fed so maybe the owner will show up and reclaim this dog, who by the way looks very confident in the photo. see

Also at Dundalk pound a beautiful white and fawn greyhound bitch. surrended and due to be PTS tomorrow but I believe the people who help get dogs out of the pound are going to get her out into private kenneling. that is only a short-term solution and they urgently seek a local foster and/or a rescue place within a week or so. She has a tattoo but the racing greyhound rescues are very full.
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lurcher looks whippety, white with fawn markings, “8 - 9 months old female

Very friendly and lively dog Suitable with older children”

Polar white whippet cross male pup at Wicklow Animal Welfare (his paws look huge in photo!)

Taylor the whippet is still up for adoption, but comes as a pair with a very well-behaved female staffie

Senna, black whippet-type bitch, is being overlooked while the fluffier dogs get adopted from North West Pet Rescue
adding to the hounds mentioned in previous message,

"Bella (Brindle) and Tulip (Tan) are two female Whippet crosses, good with other dogs and cats. " Dublin area, listed 22 Apr

tel. +353-1-2761850

greyhound pups at ISPCA national centre Longford. see one of them and contact details at this page:

several medium size lurchers and a couple of greyhounds in at present

handsome & affectionate greyhound JP
Ben, a very young male whippet cross pup, Wicklow, just south of Dublin:

Senna and Taylor mentioned 30 April are still looking for homes. North West Pet Rescue now also has a beautiful blue female greyhound called "Swift"
3 smooth-coated lurchers in Craigavon pound:

release dates today 9 June (Ref No. 1265, black dog with white trim), tomorrow 10 June (Ref No. 1271, small brindle dog and 14 June (Ref No. 1278, pale fawn dog)

I hope they aren't "put to sleep" !

there are, of course, several dogs of other types in this pound
of the dogs listed in June, I know Senna and Swift got new homes - and quite nearby I think. I don't know about the others.

New listings Nov 2010 [photo on that page]

Little Ellie is a whippet x pup about 14-16 weeks of age. This little mite had an awful start in life and when we got her her front legs looked deformed.

Lucky for Ellie this was not the case and it was down to poor nutrition and muscle wastage. In foster she has come on leaps and bounds and her legs are

nearly perfect again and are set to improve with proper food and gentle exercise to strengthen them.

She is a typical happy go lucky puppy, loves people, food and going for walks. Ellie will need a home ready to take on a puppy and to continue with her

training. If you think you can offer Ellie the loving home she deserves then please go to or ring Martina on 086 3871498. (prefix for republic of Ireland= +353]

Ellie rose fawn and white, looks well whippety. This rescue mostly takes dogs from pounds near Dublin. They also have:

red brindle with white , Jack is a gorgeous lurcher male aged about 2-3 years. He is a real fun loving guy. He is great with other dogs and has lived with

a little yorkshire terrier so could live with dogs of any size. He is good on lead and a really sweet and affectionate guy. He loves it play. He is fully

vax'd and will be neutered and microchipped before going to a new home. If you think you can offer him the loving home he deserves please visit complete an adoption form and email it back to us at [replace AT with @; this is to discourage automated spam]

and a boxer, staffies, Yorkie type terrierx, etc


Brief info of some dogs in Downpatrick POUND -

2 Young Lurchers

Bull Mastiff


Cocker Spaniel

Springer Spaniel



Spaniel x pups

Lab x pups

Contact - 079 09923760 (UK mobile no)


Carrickfergus, N Ireland POUND

whippety looking lurcher, fawn and white with dark blue mask. Young adult female

black with white smoothcoated lurcher bitch (described as greyhound-collie cross)

smoothcoated black male pup, appears to be sighthoundxlab Carrickfergus pound NI

blue greyhound 2-3 yr old,in pound 9 Nov don't know if she is still there. also same date, fawn male

greyhound with white front and blue muzzle, about 4 yr old.

TEL: 077 43499879 (UK mobile) if you can help with these pound dogs
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Thanks Macha for keeping this post updated. I have now pinned it so it can be more easily viewed by people. :)
Ash Rescue, Co Wicklow has several smooth coated lurchers among its current dogs for rehoming Wicklow

Lewis, Hector blk and tan lurchers (saluki crosses?)

also Sam,Moses, Mickey, Angie Co Meath

Madra, small quiet nicely marked m fawn lurcher, looks small in photo (whippet-like). Madra means "dog" in Irish Gaelic! in foster care

in Meath POUND, release date 10 Apr, Dino, fawn greyhound ref 210

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