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John Wood

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This might seem a silly question , I’m wondering whether my dog will get cold at night when winter arrives , we don’t have our heating on over night for obvious reasons but it will kick in if the temperature falls below 18 degrees . He sleeps in his crate at night as he seems to settle and sleep better in there I was thinking of putting a warming bed in his crate but if he got to hot he wouldn’t be able to cool himself or maybe a blanket over the top of the crate ?
I just want him to be comfortable.
What's he like in daytime? Is he a snuggle bug, who likes burrowing into blankets or finding a sunny spot, or does he sprawl out on a tiled floor or in an airy area?

And, what's his coat like?
He tends to sprawl out either on the sofa or the rug and on his back mostly , but then it’s still mild maybe I will have to see what he is like when it gets cold . Eventually we are hoping he will settle without a crate or just with no door on so he can decide where he wants to sleep .
As for his coat he is a cocker 6.5 months old so he hasn’t got a really think coat and I’m not sure if he will get a winter coat at his age .
He's not a double coated floofy guy then. I'd probably put a teddy bear type fleece in with him, that he can snuggle into if he wants, or kick aside if he is too warm.

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