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Sleepy pup misses his cuddles!


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Hi All. This is my post and I'm wondering if anyone can help us? We have a gorgeous 11-month old red cocker spaniel called Stan. Since he was tiny, he's been obsessed with fabric - gnawing it, chewing it, cuddling it etc. So we have always tried to get him fabric based toys that we know he'll enjoy.

Part of his bedtime routine is grabbing one of his towels, dragging it into the sitting room, grasping it between his front paws and sort of alternately 'squishing' if that makes sense? He only does this when he's very very sleepy and he drifts off almost immediately. Unfortunately, we've had to take the towels off him because he's started to shred them into strings and we're really worried about obstruction. Any soft, comfy beds we've bought him have ended up in pieces and he hates his hard bed. The problem is that now in the evenings we see him exhausted, wandering around looking for fabric to 'cuddle' and settle down and we can't help him because we know they'll end up destroyed and we don't want him to get ill. So now he can't settle and we feel terrible. Any ideas?


Two terrible, guilty parents.
What about a snuffle mat? They are made from fleece.

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