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Socialising my new puppy


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Hello, we’re picking up our first puppy today. It’s also having an its first vaccine today.

My parents have 2 little dogs we want our puppy to socialise with. They had their last vaccinations 13 months ago, their next jabs are on Thursday.

Should I wait until my parents dogs have had their jabs or will it be ok to socialise them straight away?
How old is your new puppy. Vaccinations can be done too early sometimes and the maternal protection can render the new vaccination as invalid !
My vet will not start until puppies are 9.5 - 10 weeks of age !
Also consider the huge upheaval for puppy - changed homes, parted from mother and siblings, taken to vet, new humans to "learn" - I'd say that perhaps any more new experiences before she has settled in with you would be overwhelming for a very young pup. Great that you have her welfare at heart and are trying to do the right thing, but I'd say slow down just a little. Bear in mind that the adult dogs might not be welcoming - some are, some aren't.
And we love puppy pictures!

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