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Socialising with other dogs and vaccines


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Hi all, we have just got our first puppy, so very new to it all. She is 12 weeks. We took her for her second vaccinations and our vet uses a different brand of vaccine to the breeders vet. We therefore have had to start the vaccination course again. My worry is the socialisation with other dogs window as her ‘full course’ has now been pushed back another 3-4 weeks. (She has had two vaccines, just different brands). What would you suggest we do as we know it is so important to introduce her to new dogs as soon as possible. I’m sure this has been asked before, but couldn’t find a search function!
Search is at the of the page, the magnifying glass next to the "Join Directory" box on the right ;)
Oh dear your vet has misinformed you, dogs over 10 weeks of age only need 1 vaccination not 2. You can check this information on the NOAH compendium site.

So many vets fail to give their clients the information leaflets that the manufacturers supply with vaccines & other medications, which explain contraindications, dosages & frequency, totally unprofessional.

I never vaccinate any dog without a titre test first & wait until my puppies are 10 weeks of age before titre testing & any required vaccinations. I had a puppy who never needed any vaccinations because of his titre test results, in fact I was advised by the senior Professor of Immunology at Glasgow University never to have him vaccinated. None of my dogs have ever needed another vaccination after their titre results.

I haven't allowed my dogs to given Lepto Vax since the early 1970s again on the advice of the Professor of Immunology. My father's dog died within 3 hours of being giving Lepto 2 of vaccinosis(after an professional autopsy)despite having passed his annual health check minutes before the vaccination, he collapsed whilst my father waited to pay & died less that 3 hours later

I had my two foreign rescues titre tested for Rabies & the core diseases last year, 8 & 7 years after they came to UK. Neither has had any vaccinations in UK, yet all the titre tests showed they did not need the ubiquitous "boosters" even the Rabies titre was above the required level for the pet travel scheme !! Makes you think doesn't it.
Thank you so much for this. Very interesting reading, which as you say, is not given to us routinely by the vets.
I don’t think insurance companies help the vaccination discussion, as they stipulate vaccinations be up to date. Very interesting with regards to your rescue dogs.
Incredibly sad about your father’s dog. We trust the vets to give us the best advice and it’s tragic when it is not.
To give a little balance, when I asked my vet - who was very conservative and wouldn't try to sell me stuff if a 'watch and wait' approach or a bathe in salt water would do the job - about the lepto vaccine. He said that he'd seen a number of unvaccinated dogs die of lepto, but had never seen a serious side-effect to the vaccine. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find a completely unbiased report based on facts and statistics - when a dog has a stroke or dies in the days following the vaccine, it is very easy to assume that the vaccine is the cause, but that may not be the case.

I'm not saying that anything CoCo2014 says is incorrect, because I haven't spent ages trawling through the research and investigating the reliability of the authors of the report (though I would doubt all that recommend homeopathy)... I'm just saying that you do need to do your own research and come to your own conclusions (just look at the rubbish spouted about covid vaccines).

Having said that, I'd certainly have used titre tested on Jasper if it had been possible to get blood out of him without him doing his level best to extract the vet's blood as well - and sending his stress levels into orbit. But as that was an impossibility, I was happy to vaccinate according to the latest advice.
I was in a similar position with my boy, who couldn’t get his final vaccine till 17 weeks. Like you I was concerned about socialisation so I took on the advice I found on this forum and it’s been really effective and is working a treat.

I tucked him in my jacket and carried him around with me for 6 weeks in as many different places and situations as I could so he got used to different smells, sounds, sights. Busy places, quiet places.

I did notice that once he got to 16/17 weeks he started to lose his puppy exuberance and become a bit more cautious and reserved. He’s been able to go on the floor for about two weeks now. I have slowly introduced him to walking in busy places over the last 2 weeks, so for example walking him where other dogs are but at first maintaining distance, rewarding when he passes dogs, children etc. I have slowly decreased the distance each day. He did appear to be very cautious at first but got better each day. Yesterday was his first day where he completed a lap of a busy dog walking park where we stayed on the footpath all the way passing other dog walkers. He did great and absolutely loved his walk.

However he is fine with other dogs, but is not at all keen on people, especially those coming close to try and pat him, so I make sure that where anyone stops to say hi I watch his body language closely and step back to chat at a distance he is comfortable with. I don’t let anyone touch him unless he goes over to them first. This is something that I’ll need to continually work on I think, he’s just not a people person at the moment and I have to respect that.

I was concerned like you, but putting the work in every day and going at his pace is really paying off. His confidence is building every day and we’ve built an incredibly close bond already as he completely trusts me to look out for him. It’s very rewarding.

Good luck! This forum has some great advice and it really does pay off to put some of it in action.

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