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South cotswolds pedigree whippet racing 4th october


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South Cotswolds PWRC

We will be holding a trials and 'put your own races together' meeting this coming Sunday 4th October. All welcome to come and try your whippets on our wonderful track at Nympsfield. Gates open at 10am racing and trialling will start around 11am. No need to book in.

The address for the track is the King George V Playing Field, Tinkley Lane, Nympsfield, GL10 3UH.

Secretary: Tel: 01285 671983


Members please note

Our AGM which was due to be held on 18th October will be moved to a different date as many of our members are going to the extra North West Champs. Can members let me know as soon as possible if the following week 25th October suits so that I can book it in. Thank you.
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