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South cotswolds pedigree whippet racing 5th july


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South Cotswolds PWRC will be holding a race meeting on Sunday 5th July

This will be a mixed meeting of weight and graded handicap racing over 160yds + Trials

Entries by Friday evening 3rd July to: Maggi Tel: 01285 869563 or email

Gates open at 10am racing starts at 11am

ALL WELCOME including newcomers :))
A very good day's racing with just the one shower of rain in an otherwise ideal warm day. Thanks to all the helpers at the track today. The league tables added to the end of the post are being hotly contested by Red Apache and Special Brew in joint top position in the dog league with Kangarooby, Drunk as a Skunk and Kit Cat all in hot pursuit of the Bitch League and with some of the veterans getting injured early season Kangarooby has stormed into pole position in the Veteran League.

Here are the results for the South Cotswolds Pedigree WRC on 5th July over 160yds - All graded handicap races @ 2ft per mark.

Race 1
1st Kit Cat(18)3
2nd Go Bailey Go(15)Sc
3rd Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Yeah(16)1
4th Kangarooby(21)6

Race 2
1st Hearcat(5)Sc
2nd Somedog(7)2
3rd Wilsdon Brindle Star(9)4

Race 3
1st The Observer(16)Sc
2nd Day Dreamer(18)2
3rd Poliwhirl(18)2

Race 4
1st Special Brew(13)3
2nd Drunk as a Skunk(14)4
3rd Blackthorn Bob(10)Sc
4th Go With The Flo(13)3

Race 5
1st Nubs Shifter(3)Sc
2nd Red Apache(3)Sc
3rd Diesel Weasel(10)7

Race 6
1st Wilsdon Little Mac(8)Sc
2nd Dearly Devoted(15)7
3rd Dot Dot Dash(15)7

Race 7
1st Nubs Shifter(3)Sc
2nd Red Apache(3)Sc
3rd Somedog(7)4

Race 8
1st Dearly Devoted(15)Sc
2nd The Observer(16)1
3rd Kit Cat(18)3
4th Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Yeah(16)1

Race 9
1st Wilsdon Brindle Star(9)Sc
2nd Special Brew(13)4
3rd Go With The Flo(13)4

Race 10
1st Kangarooby(21)7
2nd Drunk as a Skunk(14)4
3rd Poliwhirl(18)4
4th Day Dreamer(18)4

Race 11
1st Hearcat(5)Sc
2nd Diesel Weasel(10)5
3rd Blackthorn Bob(10)5

Race 12
1st Wilsdon Little Mac(8)Sc
2nd Dot Dot Dash(15)7
n/r Go Bailey Go(15)7


Red Apache 68
Special Brew 68
Blackthorn Bob 59
Wilsdon Little Mac 59
Diesel Weasel 58
Dearly Devoted 54
Somedog 51
Wilsdon Brindle Star 49
Day Dreamer 35
Hearcat 33
The Were Rabbit 32

Kangarooby 68
Drunk as a Skunk 67
Kit Cat 63
Go Bailey Go 59
The Observer 57
Squashbug 53
Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Yeah 47
Dot Dot Dash 46
Nubs Shifter 46
Poliwhirl 41

Kangarooby 68
Blackthorn Bob 59
Go Bailey Go 59
The Observer 57
Dearly Devoted 54
Squashbug 53
Blueberry Supa 38
The Were Rabbit 32
Ahoy Ramona 25
Wilsdon Billy Mac 24

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