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South cotswolds pwrc trophy race meeting 9th october 2016

Discussion in 'Dog Sports' started by maggiwing, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. maggiwing

    maggiwing Member Registered

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    SUNDAY 9th OCTOBER 2016

    South Cotswolds PWRC will be running for the hand crafted Flying Whippet Trophies over 150 yds in 4 groups Lightweights (up to 22lb) Middleweights (up to 27lb) Heavyweights (up to 32lb) Veterans 5 yrs + will receive 1 yd per year in each group. + Club Handicap group (open to dogs that have run in this type of event at any club) consolation racing all groups. Entry fee is £2.50 per class.

    This meeting is open to non members who can run for the PERPETUAL RETURNABLE TROPHIES.

    Entries by Thursday 6th October to: or telephone 01285 671983 stating Racing Name/Age/Weight Group. Gates open at 10am. Weigh In closes at 11am. Racing to start at 11.30am prompt.

    Toilet facilities at the venue + free hot drinks and biscuits facility in the pavilion.
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  2. bigmac

    bigmac New Member Registered

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    hi MAggi

    please put my three boys in as follows

    Wilsdon Little Mac 20lbs

    Wilsdon Brindle Star 25lbs

    Wilsdon Billy Mac 19lbs 7+ 15/10/08



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