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Spaying disharmony


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My daughter and I have a big difference of opinion about spaying August - the discussion has resurfaced as august has just started her second season. I know taking her for walks needs us to be constantly vigilant and I am happy to take over all of this as I am quite positive I don’t want august to have any operation that isn’t for a medical reason. Spaying is included in her pet plan so no financial considerations needed there - however if she gets cramps like last time I would happily pay for short term painkillers to make her more comfortable.

There is no middle ground here and neither of us can be swayed from our opinion but I really like a harmonious house 😀 not a lot to do but thought I would have a mini meltdown here 😀🤣
I must admit I have always had my bitches spayed ...and the boys neutered but they were rescue dogs ...
We have decided not to get our boys neutered as it's an operation I don't think they need...
The only downside is alot of rescues would not home to us as our boys are not neutered......
So i haven't been much help to you ...i suppose it's easier for me as having boys they dont have a season ... ;) ;)
After getting one of mine spayed, she became incontinent. I wasn't even warned this could happen. I had ruined her life (she was nearly 18 when she died) though with the best of intentions. Since then, I have never had a bitch spayed. My super vet was perfectly okay with this. I kept a cautious eye out for pyo with the others, but thank goodness it never happened. Doesn't mean it can't, doesn't mean it isn't serious when it does. IMO the choices are not clear-cut, because there are risks to either choice. I could protect my girls from unwanted pregnancies because we were both good at shutting doors and gates, and responsible over exercising. That can't be said of all households. Also not if one uses daycare or has a house-sitter. You just can't rely on other people to be careful. It wasn't a problem with us.
But a different story for you and your daughter. Whichever choice you make has to be accepted by the other person. The bitch might not develop pyo. She might not become incontinent. There should not be an unwanted pregnancy. Make sure nothing can jump into the garden or tunnel underneath the fencing - ours is like Colditz. But how you and your daughter resolve this - well - I can do dogs but families are quite another matter. I wish you a mutually acceptable decision.
If you've both done your research... you simply have to agree to differ. Presumably one of you has overall responsibility/ownership, so that person's opinion should hold sway. Remember, there isn't a 'right' answer, so if you've both already explained your reasons, there's not much point in wasting more time over it. It's possible to respect and understand someone else's opinion without actually agreeing with it.
We have a household of all girls none of them have been spayed but we would if it was a medical requirement.
I do not believe in spaying just for convenience, we have no difficulties with entire girls and do not suffer from dogs waiting around outside for any of ours to appear.
We accept this responsibility and understand their requirements.
We never get bothered by the boys when we are out, the girls have freetime daily in our field and a walk around an unused quarry with us. We are quiet aware of our responsibility when anyone is in season and the girls stay close to us at all times.

I am a fan of spaying or neutering, but, I live in a town that has a huge dog population. With most people either not neutering their males at all or waiting until mature, there is a very high chance that wherever you walk and what ever time you do it with a bitch in season, you will at some point get unwanted attention from a male off lead who's smelt your bitch from miles away! In this environment I feel it can be very stressful for the I would also consider where you live. But at the end of the day, I'm unsure how old your daughter is, but presumably she'll be leaving home at some point? So if you are the primary carer, maybe the final decision should be yours? With respect to your daughter.
Our daughter is now 44 and lives away from home. Her little dog comes to us every day when our daughter is at work, 5 days a week and goes back home with our daughter every day after work. Her pup now almost 3 years is not a problem when she comes into season (only once a year ) every 13 months.
Our daughter has never requested that she should be spayed.
My daughter is 27 and is saving to buy a property which will be about 4ish years away. - unless she has to relocate for work 😀 we shared august from the start - however since she has been saving for a property she wanted to take Kiki (my cat) and august stay with me as she wouldn’t cope with work and dog commitments so I have taken on all Augusts expenses and she has taken on Kiki’s. Ultimately it is my decision as her reason for spaying is not having a litter which I think is completely manageable and love the stance of Norway on this topic, with sexual health being the ‘owner’s responsibility to manage

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