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Spot-on solutions for whippets?


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Can anyone please tell me if it is safe to use spot-on solutions on whippets? Prinovox with Imidacloprid and Moxidectin active ingredients.

Many thanks,

Hello. Sorry no one has replied yet and not sure if this is any help but I would think it's as safe as using it on any other dog, but I would check with your vet to be safe. I have whippets but do not use spot on treatments. Now we have no cats we never have fleas. If I thought any of my dogs had fleas etc. I would prefer to bath them. I know that there is supposed to be an increased risk of ticks this year, but rather than use chemicals unnecessarily I would prefer to look in to more natural repellents.

Maybe someone who uses spot ons could post? Anyone?
Hi Pillow

I use Prinovox spot-on on my 20 month old Whippy girl, having swapped to it from Advocate about 6 months ago, and have had no problems at all. I gather from my vet it is exactly the same active ingredients as Advocate and importantly both treat lung worm, which for me was essential as there are so many slugs and snails about.

When she was very young (7 - 10 months) she did have a possible reaction to Advocate; out of the blue she had diarrhea two months running the day after the treatment, then in the third month (again the day after treatment) she got very shaky back legs. It passed within a few hours and she was back to normal. My thought was that she was having the 10-25kg dose but only weighed a little over 10kg so the dose was possibly a little too high. For the next 6 treatments I held a little of the solution back and there were no further problems at all. She has now been back on a full dose of Prinovox for a couple of months and still no problems.

Hope that helps
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My Whippet had a mild reaction to Prinovox and now my rescue mongrel has one too. He just goes very dull and quiet. I have stopped using it and now use the tablet form of flea treatment.

I have only used flea treatment at all this year because we visited a dog who turned out to have fleas. We have no cats around here so the risk is minimal. Once I am sure that no fleas remain (and the other dog is flea free) I shall go back to monitoring carefully.

Diatomaceous Earth is used by some as a natural pest controller. Do make sure it is food grade if you decide to use it. I think you dust it on the pet and comb it through later. Then go over with a flea comb. Flea combs break the legs of fleas so that they cannot breed.

If you have had any fleas then the house will have eggs in all the little crevices and it will need spraying to control the hatching larvae. The house spray is available, without prescription, from the vet or online.

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