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Squealing and boisterous

Cheryl Dudley

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my newest rescue is an XL Bully @19months old with a lot.of nervous energy with anxiety.
She has a high pitched 'staffy' type squeal which is usually when it is time to harness up and start walk or when she fears you may leave her side, separation anxiety issues.she becomes very boisterous and struggles with her attention to be able to calmly get out the house and a controlled walk..
New to this breed , wonder if anyone has any tips on how to help.her calm or gain her attention to be able to train her better..any advice welcomed
I’d start with working on two things, her impulse control and her engagement with you. Engagement is the foundation for everything else you do, if a dog doesn’t engage with their handler all the training is like revving the engine without the car in gear - you aren’t going to make progress. So any voluntary engagement, reward. She looks at you, you tell her “good” or click or make some other marker sound, and reward. As she learns how rewarding it is to engage with you, the more attention she will offer.

The impulse control is a good skill for all dogs, it is explained here.

You don't say if you're working on the separation anxiety, but there's info about it here, which may help: Separation anxiety

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