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Stockton Open


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just heard alot of people pulled out of the finals at stockton cause of the heat to leave peggy sue as supreme and oscar the dogs well done :cheers: well done
up 2 me to put full results on again then eh? :- "

ok will do it now co it dont look like anyone else has. :blink:
Any one got the full results. I got a program but its not marked up (the trouble of sending parents to race the dog).
a very very hot day with a warm wind meaning u didnt know that u were getting burnt! :eek: approx 57 on the prog i thin anyway. results:

no limit

heat 1

r- lebelle 1st

b- mis dynamite

w- denis the menace

heat 2

r- whisper whizz

b- the general

w- jack seven 1st

40lb sc

r- no surrender 1st

b- gingerbread

w- bud

vet scr

r- gypsy queen 1st

b- moonpie

w- dazzlyn ann

puppy sc

r- deneside belle ( solo)

36lb sc

r- rhyme n reason d/s

b- red ranger 1st

adult bitches

20lb heat 1

r- waterford 20 sc

b- shameless 19 1

w- little rascal 1st

heat 2

r- see spot run 20 sc

b- doriva 18 2 1st

w- roserella 17 3


r- peggy sue 24 sc 1st after a dead heat the 1st time up

b- ballyso 23 1


r- acca 29 sc

b- molly chop 26 3

w- sun princess 26 3 1st

blk- entry badge 26 3


r-ballyspot 32 sc 1st

b-casann 31 1

adult dogs


r- jackie k 20 sc ( solo)


r- oscars pride 24 sc ( solo)


r- guess what 26 sc ( solo)


r- ballajura 31 sc 1st

b- ill be back 31 sc

vets up to 25lb

r- suave dancer 22 sc

b- master blaster22 sc

w- coral 21 1

blk- troubelle 18 4 1st

up to 35lb

r- time 27 sc

b- desert eagle 26 1 1st

w- rio bravo 26 1

bitch pups 20lb

r- annie hough 20 sc

b-little flyer 18 1st

w- little goblin 16


r- maizzee mui 25 sc ( solo)


r- crossford belle 30 sc (non runner)

dog pups


r- master twist 16 sc ( solo)


r- blue honcho 32 sc ( solo)

yearlings dogs

up to 32lb

r- mount cashell 31 sc

b- alladin sane 28 3

w- dance master26 5 1st

blk- maid your point 28 3

yearlings bitches

up to 24lb

r- cacherel 23 sc

b- so suave 21 2

w- go with the flo 18 5

blk- wombelle 16 7 1st


r- moose 30 sc ( solo)

no limit final

r- lebelle 1st

b- jack seven

40lb solo

r- no surrender

vet sc solo

r- gypsy queen w/d

puppy sc solo

r- deneside belle w/d

36lb sc solo

r- red ranger

bitch final 20lb final

r- doriva 18 sc

b- little rascal 17 1 1st after a dead heat

25lb solo

r- peggy sue 24 sc

30lb solo

r- sun princess 26 sc w/d

35lb solo

r- ballyspot 32 sc w/d

adult dog final

r- ballajura 31 sc w/d

b-guess what 26 5 3rd

w- oscars pride 24 7 1st

blk- jackie k 20 11 2nd

vet final

r- desert eagle 26 sc w/d

b- troubelle 18 8 1st

bitch puppy final

r- maizee mui 25 sc 1st

b- little flyer 18 7

dog pup final

r- blue honcho 32 sc w/d

b- master twist 16 16 1st

yearling final

r- moose 30 sc w/d

b- dance master 26 4 w/d

w- wombelle 16 14 1st

sup scr

r- lebelle

b- no surrender

w- red ranger 1st in a very good race.

bitch final

r- ballyspot 32 sc w/d

b- sun princess 26 6 w/d

w- peggy sue 24 8 1st

blk- little rascal 17 15 w/d


r- ocaars pride 24 sc w/d

b- peggy sue 24 1st
sharon whincop said:
Any one got the full results. I got a program but its not marked up (the trouble of sending parents to race the dog).
lol @ sending parents all results on now full prog ;)
Congrats everyone involved and all the winners.

Big well done all the North West lot, a few winners: Little Flyer, Jack Seven, Guess What, Mai zee Mu (Puppy Final), and Red Ranger (Supreme Scratch) a cracking win against very good competition!!

Edited atrocious spelling - i was either drunk or sun gone to my head!!!
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Thank you Carole :thumbsup:

A very hot day!!

I don't know whether to have a cool shower or go to intensive care :lol: lol

Thank you to Malcolm Clarke/team

cracking track again-pity about turn-out-perhaps a combination of-

Devon coming up/hot weather and football

Lots of goodies-Sacks of Red Mills and nice trophies-

Well done to all winners :cheers:

North West pups :D and a nice win for Red Ranger too :D

P.S Would have put results myself but only just got home :eek: a long story!

Hope Rita (Goldspell) gets well soon after breaking her ankle :(
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well done everyone :thumbsup: a big well done to tony on taking sup scratch against 2 good animals :thumbsup:
Stockton On Tees Wrc

Would like to thank all those who supported this years open.

Great thanks go to the lynch family Katie, Lesley and Joe for all there hard work. Also to Mark Edmundson And Frank Suttle for the Track, last but not least the Judge's John & Geoff of course Betty. Well done. :thumbsup:

Even though the heat was agains't any of the dogs running well the scratch dogs

Managed to break the 160yrds track record twice. Which stood at 8.86 this was lowered to 8.81 by Gypsy Queen only to be lowered again later in the day by labelle in 8.76. (w00t)

Peggy Sue weighed in at 24lb. norm would be 23lb which resulted in the first of two close race's from Alisons and Colin Armstrong's Bally So Judges gave a dead heat the first time, then in the re run Peggy sue just pipped Bally so on the line.What race's these two were to watch.

This is the Final year for RED MILLS to Sponcer Stockton Wrc. Next year we will organise another event. Detail's will be sent to the Whippet New's

Once again Thank You for your continued support. ;)

Malcolm Clarke

Club Chairman.
:D well done to all the winners :D

a few pics of the winners 1st one is the scr winners
and another puppy winner :D
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