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Strange behavior other dogs to my dog


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So we have kinda of a rescue, a three year old. supposingly a cross dashound/pug but we think boxer/pug. We have little background info on him.
Everything is going sweet now already in three weeks. No more afraid darting and lashing to strangers (think that was because of the moving part)

I have noticed he has no clue how to approach another dog. I have tried three controlled meetings. (He hangs into the leash, hair up from tail to neck, complete stiff)
In three controlled meetings he had this same approach and one of them ended good, in playbow, so he made one friend.
Mostly on the walks we distract him in the hope that he will calm down on a later stage to meet other dogs.

BUT I have noticed that other dogs lashout on him from across the street. He is busy with us not even seeing them???? He has his balls still and I know from previous owning that sometimes there is the male thing smell but from all the way across the street? Could it be that. Or is he just the new kid on the block?

Its kinda of frustrating cause everytime he gets that respons from another dog, its a step back in having him approaching a dog in a propper way. Its to early now and due covid to do a behavior training course with him. We will do that aswell but we wanne keep working with him on this issue. So if anyone has any tips or advice? Its more than welcome.
Well done for taking on this troubled dog. Rome wasn't built in a day, so do understand that there is no hurry.

Behaviour training is about teaching dogs how to behave in an alien world - ours - but we can't train a dog to like or dislike other dogs. You have made good progress in a short time, but possibly your ideals are not what your dog wants. He wants to feel safe.

Apologies to anyone who has been in prison, but I call this the "prison exercise yard" experience. Imagine you have been pushed into this place with no language skills. Some of the others ignore you. That's great. Some push their faces in yours, push your shoulder hard to see what you do as a reaction, go through your pockets, shout at you. That isn't. What would you like? You'd like a friend who will keep you away from all this unwanted contact.

I don't want to overwhelm you, just help by realigning your ambitions for your dog. Build his confidence with puzzle toys and brain games, build his trust by keeping him away from interactions that he doesn't know how to handle.

You/we do not need a dog that wants to party with every dog it meets. You need an dog that is "dog neutral". You are the source of recreation and pleasure - not other dogs. Stick with us and we can help and offer your support, just as you will be doing with your dog.
My guess is that it's because he's unneutered - my dog dislikes unneutered males and can smell them from the other side of the road. He's much better than he used to be, but if looks could kill...

This may be reason enough to get him neutered at some point, but he really needs lots more time to get settled in and relaxed, and the testosterone may be giving him some confidence to deal with these encounters.

Honestly, he doesn't need to interact with other dogs. You want his reaction to them to be neutral. So I would avoid all intractions unless it's a dog he knows and is happy with. If necessary, turn away from an approaching dog, ask their owner to call it back, cross the road to avoid them...

Also, have a read of this post about reactive dogs, which will give further ideas: Dog Reactivity
Thanks for replies. I have read it and we will keep on making him neutral around other dogs than.
I do see he is social and like my previous dog course they have their preference. Only that way of saying hello result in a bad reply from other dogs. My guess is that inside the house it will be completely different but thats for much later testing.

About neutering. We will have that done later, one testicle didnt drop.
Since we had to visit the vet already twice. For a missing thumb nail that the previous owner didnt notice o_O A second time for anitbody titer cause she couldnt tell when he was last vaccinated and a passport, because she "lost" it.
Dont want him to have trauma on vet visits right away.

He is a beautiful dog, super smart, a worker and really enjoys the walking outside. Today he even started peeing like a normal male dog should do. Spreading it during the walk instate from unloading it all within 1 second :p
Its really rewarding to see him grow everyday a bit more.
Spreading it during the walk instate from unloading it all within 1 second
I wonder if that's because he wasn't properly walked in his previous home. Poor lad, but he has landed on his paws now. :)
I wonder if that's because he wasn't properly walked in his previous home. Poor lad, but he has landed on his paws now. :)

I am very positive about that one haha. First day he unloaded his poop within ten steps on the pavement o_O But forget the past. Now he is in a home that will give him whatever he needs to be a solid happy, healthy, furry friend again.
Triumph today! :D
Today we walked into a humongous Cane Corso pup of 10 months old. Since the situation was very calm, I decided to let him meet Betsy (her name).
They played! Atleast Botty tried haha, yeez what a paws that pupper has.
I am so happy :p. Now I only have to worry on which dog he likes or not and if it is a male or female :rolleyes: (been there done that with Peanut:cool:)

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