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Sudden dislike of bedroom to sleep at night


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Ok strange one, shes 14 months old now and has always slept in my bedroom, and apart from first few weeks I had her she sleeps on my bed though pattern has changed i.e originally on my feet or between my legs, to lying beside me, to for first hour or two of night sleep under bed then beside me.

Out of nowhere since last Saturday she barks when in bedroom and wants to sleep in living room.

On the 1st day she slept as normal till 1am (she has some bladder issues being delt with by vet) and went out for her usual nighttime wee, came back in and started barking when in bedroom and if she ever barks at night I take her in living room for a few mintues to calm down, then back and this time she calmed down instantly in living room took her back through after the usual few minutes and she started barking again, tried again and nothing so thought maybe she needed potty so took her to field and she did both wee and poop so assumed all was good, yet she barked again the second she was in bedroom.

Tried again the go to living room and wait a few mintues but didn't work, then tried again but this time with white noise i.e radio on, no success, so I sat on chair for a hour just dozing myself in living room and by this time was 2.45am took her to bed and she was fine.

woken up around 7.30am for her usual morning routine breakfast and potty but when taking her back to bed she barked again so I just stayed awake.

Sunday night barked the second she was in bedroom, I tried both white noise and leaving light on and nothing so thought I would put her in hall but leave bedroom door open, but instead she rammed the living room door open and jumped on sofa and closed eyes.

I decided to test this and she did wake up and jump down when she heard me go back to bedroom stare for a minute then go back to sofa, and she slept till 1am and came to wake me up by jumping on bed and touching my face for her usual potty break then I noticed on at least 1 occasion her sleeping beside me during night.

Went away for a few days and she didn't have any issues in a strange enviroment sleeping, came back Friday and she barked the second she was in bedroom at night but I lured her to my bed with treats and petted her and gave her tiny scraps of treats for 10 minutes and she calmed and the 1am potty break was fine and she came back into bedroom and slept but started barking after her 7.30am breakfast when I took her back.

Saturday night barked non stop again so put her in living room and she slept fine again.

Trying to find the source of this as she willingly goes into bedroom during day and on my bed and plays, and even at night with curtains closed so its not a fear of the room itself.

The problems started the same day neighbours returned from holiday after 2 weeks away and their bedroom is directly below mine and the day after I removed the sofa she likes to nap on in daytime and had a worker drilling in house for internet connection.

Just a strange one.
Some dogs do choose to sleep on their own despite having the option to sleep with their owners - if she's happy in the living room, can you just let her sleep there, and leave doors open so she can join you if she decides?
I can, though its getting colder so ideally want the doors closed.

Just strange it came out of the blue like that.
Little things can easily set off sensitive dogs. One night my dog heard some rowdy people in the road outside at night, and decided that it wouldn't be safe for me to leave the bedroom at night. This pretty much set a pattern for the rest of his life, though we did work out how to manage it so I could go for a pee in the early hours.
Though I overthink things there may be a possibility she is in season again.

I just assumed as we were away on holiday that was why she was extra hyper, visiting family with older dog I took them both on a walk and she vaulted over her and also over small fences on the walk and was ignoring all cues and pulling a lot, she also had 2 wee accidents one of which was on my bed.

And she has basically napped all day since Friday bar the times she has been on a walk, and when we saw a male dog earlier she was barking and really pulling me towards him and on the walk home despite no dogs being in the gardens, anytime she passed a house that had a male dog living there she pulled me towards the gates.

If so worst timing as shes due to be spayed on Thursday, its around 4 months since she last had a season.
Season aside - and of course it might be - could your neighbour be doing something noisy on a computer which is channelled up into your room? I know you've tried white noise - good call - but maybe there is vibration too. For the latter, gym equipment can cause similar issues.
Neighbours are 80 year old pensioners who go to bed early though I have issues with them as they are grumpy and complain, they don't have a desktop just a laptop and go to bed very early.

What was strange about the 1st night was there was slightly stormy weather so I assumed that was related but the living room is noiser for the wind than bedroom and she slept through the wind when in there and the 2nd night was windy all night.

Neighbours do have electronic devices like nightlights and cameras on the back garden though so they may generate noise.
Perhaps they have one of those ultrasonic animal repellents in the garden or house.
Small update, she was spayed a few days ago and for first 2 nights she slept in my bedroom but last night when she had recovered and back to her normal personality she barked to go to living room, the chairs are blocked but she now luckily has decided the bed I bought for her 6 months ago is perfect to sleep on for the first ever time and now she lies in that spot when shes not wanting petted.

I did try and put her bed in my room but she wasn't having that, but after a hour in living room she slept in her old spot in bedroom for rest of night.

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