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Summer toys


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August has a peculiarity- we gave her last year‘s summer toys over the winter to play with indoors. Now she refuses to play with them if we take them outside despite throwing, encouraging, etc. so we relented and bought some new toys- Nerf ball thrower, chuck it fetch stick, stick shaped nylabone (as discouraging eating sticks in the parks and woods has been unsuccessful) and a dog fitness ring/hoop.

What are your dog‘s favourite outdoors toys as I would like to add another couple of inexpensive ones for rotation
Not cheap, but this was my dog's absolute favourite: Chuckit Floppy Tug Durable Tough Tug Toy For Dogs

Though it seems that it's not available many places, and in most it's eyewateringly expensive. The link above is the cheapest I've found. We had the small and large sizes, but the small is big enough for a large dog. Action shot just because...

Anything with 'dangly' bits seemed to work well. My theory is that they replicate rabbit innards... Actually, the rugby ball in the pic was also a favourite, but only after he 'killed' it so it was easy to pick up.

I've always found that a sock stuffed with other socks or suitable other unwanted clothing otherwise only fit for rags, knotted a couple of times and with a tennis ball in the foot to make throwing easier, makes a cheap easily replaced toy for most dogs.
I have her puppy size ball in a sock which became a choking hazard- but it is an indoor toy 🤣 I could make a second one and use for outdoors- worth a try thanks 😀
Oh the ball in a sock is the best toy ever!
A ball in a sock is loved by all of ours, or a sock rolled up and shoved down inside another sock and knotted is another great favourite. They all wash well too.
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Sure when I was a kid I used to play a game with a ball in sock... I remember standing with my back against a wall, star shape, and swinging the ball to hit the wall behind me in a variety of places whilst saying some rhyme or other! Ah the joy of life before the internet!!:D
Wow thanks judyN, i was looking for a toy like that


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