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Sweet potato chews….Again!


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Taking into account the scandalous price of fuel, and the time it takes to produce sweet potato chews in the oven, I’d appreciate thoughts re baking them on our log burner.


I’d cover the top (17” x 12”) with kitchen foil and lay the raw strips on that.

Any budding Fanny Haddocks or Keith Floyds out there who could lend an opinion?
I've no idea, but it would certainly be worth experimenting... what could possibly go wrong?
Exactly, no harm giving it a go!
My daughter hates it when I start a sentence with 'I've been thinking...' because she knows it's usually some food experiment I'm about to suggest and even if it fails(terribly sometimes:confused:) I like to try it!:D
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Another optimist! Will give it a try over the weekend. Just hope there’s no lingering smell in the sitting room which will veto future attempts.

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