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Has anyone used the for complete dry dog food. Would be interested to receive your comments.
Looks like a total load of rubbish to me.

Where naturally in the world would a natural wild canine animal/dog find "Brown rice, maize, barley and wheat" for 52 weeks of the year in their diet.

It is no wonder that so many of our lovely canine companions suffer from so many different health issues including overweight and horendous lifelong allergies and itches.

I did not register with their site and never would!

You would be better to look at a completely grain free product. Or one that uses root vegetables with herbage as bulking agents.

Our internal dogs are still "Wolf" it is only the outside that we see that has been designed by man that has changed.

Your mentioned product may be very "convenient" but a long way from being good.

A good quality grain free product will work out no more expensive as far less is needed to be fed !

Sorry to be the bearer of such a negative reply to your post!
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Not sure about this.

Nothing wrong with whole grains, but they use Mazie and maize feed whatever that is. Also it there are a lot of suppliments that will be artificially added as are in the ingredients list. How good is it if the food needs all those Vitamins etc added??

Try looking for one that is as close to natural as you can i.e. no additives.

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