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Taking a walk on the 'wild side'

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by Mad Murphy, May 12, 2018.

  1. Mad Murphy

    Mad Murphy Well-Known Member Registered

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    This film has been hitting the Dutch news and was even discussed in parliament ..This French family obviously have no idea of how much danger they are in when they 'take a walk on the wild side' ..
    This type of stupidity crops up from time to time, so nothing new there but what was refreshing was the reactions from not only the park owners but the government when they were asked about extra safety regulations. Their reply was priceless...
    *You cannot legislate against such complete stupidity*..
    another said, *what total idiots*..
    another * complete morons*
    Park information and safety rules are given out in many languages including French and there are pictogram signs before these enclosures indicating not to leave your car or open windows etc so there was no excuse for this behaviour.

    Its nice to see blame being laid where it belongs for once ie with the humans involved and not the animals.

    ( the filmers said they did not toot the car horn or shout in case it spurred the cheetas into an attack)
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  2. leashedForLife

    leashedForLife Well-Known Member Registered

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    yes, the blame defo is on the eejit humans if any harm comes to them!

    There was an incident awhile back, tourists in a safari-park WITH THE WINDOW DOWN, & an adult lion took a woman clear out of the car in his teeth, & killed her. // Completely avoidable, entirely the fault of the arsewipe that opened the window - which may have been herself, her hubby, who knows? - but stoopid.

    Yes, signage was everywhere, & they were native English speakers & literate. No excuses. :mad:

    - terry


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