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Terrier Puppy Toilet Habits.


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We have a nearly 5 month old Wheaten Terrier. We have not used a crate and so he is closely supervised at all times. When he's calm and resting, he can go 2-3 hours sometimes without needing to go out but, whenever he's playing, or gets overly excited and especially between 7.30pm and 9.30pm, he can pee as often as every half hour! I know there are key times when puppies are more likely to need to go, but I sometimes wonder if this is normal at his age. He has us up and down every evening taking him out to the garden and if we don't watch him, he'll stand there and pee on the rug! Your thoughts and personal experiences would be greatly appreciated.
With some pups learning to be 'dry' takes longer than with others. They might know what is expected from them but then at times they are far too busy to take notice and accidents happen....or some may even forget what they were going outside in first place for :rolleyes: I can be case of too many distraction and too many things to take notice of to remember to pee when the opportunity is there to do it 'correctly'. Playing can stimulate their bladder action compared to what would be otherwise normal times between needing to empty.
If he's peeing every half-hour in the evenings, I'm afraid it might be best to take him out every 25 minutes... Think of it as LOTS of training opportunities :D
Might be wise to remove the rug for now, and restore it when pup is reliably house-trained. Some surfaces are very tempting for a pup to pee on.

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