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Thank you to everyone on this forum. I have read every advice on here on how to settle Rosie on a night. I started by letting Rosie sleep at the bottom of our bed after reading on here that she was a baby and needed this security. Then we started to take her bed up to our bedroom and had it on the floor at the side of our bed near me. One night she got in her own bed and slept all night there and she started doing this. Then friday night she did not want to come upstairs and she decided to sleep in the dining room and this what she has done since friday. So I can only guess that her confidence is growing and she feels safe. This site and the people on it have really help us. A massive thank you to you all. All the dogs I have had in the past I have never done this with and now I so wish I had.
Really lovely to hear, well done, a lovely natural transition to a happy, confident young dog:)

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