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The Ban

Terry Smith

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According to the dog press the ban on hunting with dogs would not be applied to coursing. Seems someone has finally realised that the kill isn't the main object of the sport. It is not a hunt in the true sense of the word but a trial of agility & stamina which exempts it from the proposed act. Coursing has also been defined as recreational which of course we always knew.

Terry Smith
Hi Terry,

       what publication was this in, somebody else mentioned it to me ?

Many thanks,

Thanks for putting the article on Barbara -

I have spoken recently to a couple or so people from NCC's around the country and their reaction has been very cautious so it is very much - 'watch this space' - and keep hoping.

It is of course great news that the Government are still taking advice and coursing clubs have been asked to respond on various points to a questionnaire issued I believe by the NCC - let us hope coursing is excluded and people can walk their dogs without worry of being jailed, fined or losing their animals for innocently chasing a rabbit whilst on a country walk.  

It would also be excellent for coursing and maybe it would give weight to some changes for Scotland.  I hope the 'Powers that Be' really do listen to what they are told.

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