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The Beagle has landed

RGC that did make me laugh!
I can understand why but it was a few minutes later that I realised my error. I was mortified (somewhat slow on the uptake) but decided not to go back and apologise as this would have made matters worse. I assure you that it was in complete innocence.
Welcome :) I can't wait to hear all about your new pup. And, hopefully, see photos (pretty please?):D
Good evening, yesterday we chose our pup and named him Hunter. 2 weeks and he comes home.
Ah he is incredibly cute, lovely:) bet you can't wait!
Finally brought little Hunter home. What a long day we have all had. I am so glad I joined this forum having read some of the excellent advice shared with one another. I am sure at some point I too will need your great support. For now, enjoy some pics from today...

Adorable chap. Lovely extension to your family. Enjoy it all. He’s super.
What a little cutie!
Cheers, 4 hours sleep each night makes him feel a little less cute but I am told that 4 hours is lucky. Can't complain though as he is healthy and in a new home, bless him.

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