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Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by Josie, Nov 7, 2019.

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    Last two nights have been good introduction for fireworks for our youngsters and dogs weren't too bad with it at all...I'm actually surprised how well it has all far! :rolleyes: In fact they took the banging and lights better than our next door's 14 year old prat and his friend's behaviour(left on their own for few hours), when they decided to taunt our girls during their toilet break in our garden. But what those little prats didn't realise that I was out there too and could see what happened. They thought it was good laugh to get our dogs bark a lot more than they would have otherwise done :mad: And rather than doing the normal 'shushing' the dogs to quiet down....I let them bark at them and I stepped under the lights and looked at them barking and laughed at them back. Lads soon found out that they didn't like all that noise. I now suspect that it might have not been first time as it has always been bit weird that our girls do not like him and always get loud when ever he is around.
    Yes, I realised I lowered myself to their level, but gave me a great pleasure to see them be surprised and close their window and curtains and be on their doubt playing their puter games :rolleyes: That lad doesn't normally utter a word to me, nor he bother to shush his own dog when it is barking daily...for hours! He was being a 'big man' in a company of his teenagers do :rolleyes: But I will get the last laugh, when next time I see him and I shall be SO nice to him and 'innocently' ask if he had lovely time at bonfire doubt his mum will be next to him as well ...:D:D I might be 'old' in their eyes....but I still have perfectly good sting in my tail and I know how to use it too :D:D
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