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the english whippet derby


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i was wondering how mant of you all were planning on attending the english whippet derby at newton aycliffe as the man from the council is a very good friend of mine, i spoke to him the other night and he was saying that the council have gave us anther £500 to go with the £2000 all ready add so weve decided to add the £500 for the mondays open, i also know that there booked a top artist for the sat night with disco and are booking another artist and kareoke for the sun night this will be the best english whippet derby yet. the food is great we eat out there quite alot and really cheap. anyone wanting to know anything about newton aycliffe please ask as i live here, there plenty to do
Hi denise i think it is a waste of good money best keep it in your pocket and invite a few people you like over and put it to good use in the best pub in town, only joking . Well done i realy hope those attending appreaciate the skills of a good beggar and enjoy a cracking weekend i am sure you and the others staging this event will do the best they can to make it a success and i hope i win it .
hi well done with the sponsership  

can you make camping Avaible for the week straight before

from the championship's for those coming up north if we can

afford it , ten hour's towing each way. lot's of money.
hi mark i will get in touch with my mate on the council and ask them if anyone traveling the week before hand to seaham would be able to camp all week or even leave there caravan at aycliffe if they want to go home for a week to return the next weekend i will see whats said and let you know but if not and you wanted to spend a week up here im sure i could sort something out
how big are the traps, will wonderwall get in and out

of them ok.
i think that chris brings there own traps the ones used at seaham last year but ayciffe have just got new brancephs traps so i dont know if youve ever run out of them there okay had alot of big dogs trap out of them over the years we had a 56 dog called max that use to run in the handicap for a couple of years out of them jacks back brock the track record at new brancphe a few years ago out of these traps so i would think that they will be okay
Can you tell me, who is running the Derby NW or the BW. if someone  could let me know ASAP cheers Ronnie.

:D hi neil, just thought you had better take the vaseline to stop naz  from getting stuck in the traps, ;) might come in usefull you never know :D   :D   ;)   ;)   :p
we are hoping to go to the derby. But i want to know who it is getting run under the NWRF or the BWRA. 0nce again if someone could tell me because i don't get the whippet news so i don't know cheers Ronnie ???   :)
Hiya ronnie, I don't think that either the fed or bwra run the derby. but the classes are from 17lb to 35lb, 2lb weight splits d+b seperate, 160 yrds,yrd/lb. the weigh in is from 9.30 -10.30 am.hope this help's you.....anyone who goes I hope you have an excellent time and you're dogs come off ok whether you win,lose or draw :D

ps....take woolley jumpers as the north-east is always 100 degrees colder than anywhere else in the world :0   :p  :0   :p
michelle that helped alot but do you have any info on mondays open as well. thankyou Ronnie

16-34lb weight groups...2lb splits, 160yrds front dog weigh in till 11am

hope this helps
cheers michelle thanks your a great help, hope to see you there ronnie   :D   :p   :D
Ronnie dont be such a minge get your Whippet News ordered you might miss something important that is happening who knows . Lancaster club will be starting shortly as i have just got the ok from the council will keep you posted  steve

:D   :D   :D   :p  :0
Hiya ronnie, I don't think that either the fed or bwra run the derby. but the classes are from 17lb to 35lb, 2lb weight splits d+b seperate, 160 yrds,yrd/lb. the weigh in is from 9.30 -10.30 am.
200 yards in 10.76 seconds. USA whippet "Switch" winning 200 yard dash at 38 mph.

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