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The Match

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Mark Roberts

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ok lads/lasses the match a lot of you have been waiting for to be made.

a match has now been made between Darreng's Dog "Sonny" & Mally's bitch "Vixen", both owners have agreed to the match between their dogs, both dogs have big reputations to defend.

each owner will be putting up £100 per night (2 nights) but I would suggest it's more about bragging rights than money for these 2 gentlemen, I have been asked by darreng to hold his stake till after the event has been run (which is the accepted practice for matches for a stake holder to hold both stakes) i'm happy to hold mallys stake as well, The money will then be paid to the winning owner once I recieve confirmation from the 2 owners as to who the winner was.

Should either owner fail to attend on the agreed nights they will forfiet the entire match and the money will be sent to the other owner.

There is no need for a judge as it's a straight match of which dog acheives the most kills each night. (both dogs recieving the same abount of slips)

The match will take place in early January when the quarry will be at it's fittest.

The match has been agreed to be run over 2 nights one night on mallys permission one night on darreng's (permission letters must be available from both competitors for the land to be used for their opponant to view).

Because of the tenssion of this match i'm closing this thread, but will update it as and when any further info is available (ie: Dates to be run ect.)

could both owners please email me a picture of their dog to be used on this thread.


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