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The Need For Speed.............


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If you have a greyhound, you know that the first 5 minutes off the lead is like launching a rocket; all the blood goes to the paws, the vision narrows to a dot and they look like Clarkson in the Atom mixed with drugs and Red Bull. Hyperspace? Nah, LUDICROUS SPEED!

Mel and Kim let off the lead in a different place from normal. Kim lost the back end (oversteer) and went belly-first into a wooden climbing frame. Bounced off into the air and landed on all paws, but with big lumps of skin and muscle hanging out - not pretty. Tied up with poly bags and string from a friendly passer-by, then off to Hykeham emergency vet (who were brilliant).

30 stitches, morphine and antibiotics:-


She's much better now (a couple days later) :sweating:
Blimey wwhat a fright...I'm glad she's been well looked after and is on the mend!
Yes, it was a bit of a shock. The little sod was very quiet next day ( I booked time off work as the vet wasn't sure about the stitches and I wasn't going to leave her alone like that). But, by the evening she was drinking and eating. Later, our vet said the first one had done a brilliant job and they should hold fine (phew!).

Next day the tail was working and I got the full singing/moaning to tell me all about it. Day after that and she wants to run and play - Noooo Chance yet luv!

I hate carrying greyhounds into the vets :eek: Walking in and back out with them is fine! :wub:
Oh nooo!!! :eek: I know that feeling when they go CRUNCH! Poor little soul-Hope she heals quickly :luck:
Aaaah ... tough luck! Poor Kim. I hope she heals well.

We let ours run on a local training gallop, and I made the mistake of buying into Jeffie's belief that he's still about three years old, and let him run with the youngsters. He broke a toe. Up till then, he was actually keeping up!

I reckon you have to be sensible, but also not bubble-wrap them. Jeff is ten. I'll let him run again (once his foot has healed - he had the toe amputated because it was in bits) but only after the excitement has worn off, and only with older dogs!

Kim's injury is pretty bad, poor girl. I would say 'maybe she'll learn ... ' but she probably won't!
Poor sweet Kim! She will need lots of loves. Why are greyhounds so flipping daft! Luckily so far Breeze hasn't done herself huge damage but we've had two torn dew claws and one other torn claw - three separate occasions, so she definitely doesn't learn.
Little rocket is now back to normal. Red mist, tunnel vision and the need for speed back to full operational status :clown:

Just a slight scar (which is amazing).

Playing with a pair of Weimeramas tonight (who hav NO CHANCE of keeping up) :lol:

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