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Think my dog is depressed, and or not happy for some reason

Discussion in 'Dog Health' started by EBT2013, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. EBT2013

    EBT2013 New Member Registered

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    hi i got my dog (she is 3 years old nglish bull terrier, crossed with staff --we think, her previous owners only told us she was a EBT, but we recon she is a cross) for free from a house with 3 kids and 2 adults 3 weeks ago all my dog does is sleep, sit staring at our igenix heater or looking at me really weird. dont know what is wrong with her. dont know what is wrong with her, if she's missing her old family or if she has hearing problems or fleas as she used to scratch alot, but washed her in her flea shampoo yesterday and that has stopped her scratching - although she does manic scratch her ear from time to time..

    her last family only had her 6 months and im thinking she is depressed from keep moving about? would love to know what is wrong as she is my first dog and dont have that great knowledge about them yet........
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  2. lurcherman

    lurcherman Well-Known Member Registered

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    New dog with a few probs and asking a forum blind? A vet visit is a must with a new dog in my view i hope all gets sorted. Could the dog be pregnaunt? Just a thought..
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  3. goldenbear2013

    goldenbear2013 New Member Registered

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    HI there,

    I agree with lurcherman, your dog needs to visit the vet for a once over.

    EBT's are one of the breeds that suffer with being deaf (not all of them obviously but it is genetic) so if she isn't reacting to much then that might be the case. I'm no expert but just a thought.

    EBT's are also known for suffering with OCD. Chasing there tail is a big one for them but they will become obsessed with something and continue regardless of what you say. This could be to do with the ear scratching if the vet gives her the all clear.

    She may just be a mellow dog but you need to rule out any medical problems before you do anything else

    If she is ok then i'd get her to a training class. Interaction with other dogs and simple training skills. It will bond the 2 of you and give her good mental and physical stimulation.

    Good Luck! xx

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