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Timber's in the wars.


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Does anyone even use that expression any more?

Anyway, T seemed to have a bit of wax build up in his ear, and occasionally over the last few days he would give a little cry when I removed his harness over his head. So, I found a vet - we are on holiday in France. I mean, obviously we are - my dog never gets unwell at home, where he has a regular vet. You know, the sort of one that knows him, knows his history, and speaks the same language as me.

They had to anaesthetise him, and they removed a very deep down plug of wax; then treated him with a medication that is antibiotic, anti-fungal and steroid. He needs a second dose after one week, then it continues to work for 45 days apparently.

By good luck, his mandatory vet appointment prior to our return to the UK (for worming and paperwork) is already arranged for exactly a week from today. I've contacted that vet, they don't have the drug in stock but will order it in time for our visit.

I am SO glad I speak French.
Poor T - is he any less uncomfortable now, or is it too soon after the anaesthetic to tell? Could the wax be linked to his deafness, do you think?

Give him a gentle hug from me. No ear rubs though.

The deafness is definitely not linked - if it had been because of the wax, he could still have heard out of the other ear. We (hopefully) tried the sudden noise test anyway, but no.

He was really whingy and restless when we got him back but he has been settled for the last couple of hours and we have ticked the big four boxes of eating, drinking, peeing and pooing. Box five, sleeping, is about to begin I think.
Hopefully you'll all have sweet dreams.
Poor Timber.
Sending gentle hugs from West Sussex. xx
And from here as well. Hope you both had a good night.
Thanks all. Apart from not having had his normal morning poo, he seems fine. I think the anaesthetic can cause a little constipation so I'll keep an eye on that and give him oily fish if necessary.
Poor Timber, wishing him well too.
And yes I use the term, 'been in the wars' still.
He's had a decent walk, and a poo, and a roll around (which is his favourite 'game') and overall looks pretty pleased with himself.

I feel a bit guilty not having realised, but the wax plug was quite deep in the ear and, you know, stoic dogs ....
I'm worried now.

He had his second dose of antibiotics today. The vet had to clean out the wax that was there, and give the second dose, and he was not a happy boy. In fact, its good he had a muzzle on (he is muzzle trained for public transport rules in some countries). We still all have intact fingers but it was a close thing.

Since then, he has been very, very subdued. He has eaten a little, and wasn't drinking until I put tuna juice into some water - he has had maybe 150 or 200 ml now. He is in bed now.

I just hope he wakes up tomorrow feeling a lot better.
Hopefully it's just a temporary side effect of the antibiotic. Fingers crossed he perks up tomorrow - do let us know.
Hugs to you both. I hope he soon feels better and is back to his normal self. Then you can relax too.
Le pauvre. Et maintenant?
Maintenant, il est mieux, merci!

(Much better thank you)
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Oh dear, sorry to read about Timber being in the wars (I still use that phrase!). Fingers crossed he's well on the way to being on the mend now, that plug of wax sounds unpleasant.
He is a lot better but he's going to need his ear examined on Thursday again, because we can't risk this antibiotic leaving any bacteria alive, and consequently resistant. If necessary he will need a third dose.

I'm going to ask for a sedative I can give him beforehand because he was so stressed, and he has been diagnosed with a heart murmur.

@JudyN (or anyone else) remind me please, what is the sedative that stops them from reacting although they still experience the anxiety - and just can't do anything about it? Because I'd like to avoid that obviously.
@JudyN (or anyone else) remind me please, what is the sedative that stops them from reacting although they still experience the anxiety - and just can't do anything about it? Because I'd like to avoid that obviously.

Sorry, I don't know. I remember reading that this can (or may) happen with some sedatives, but can't remember if specific ones were mentioned.
The results from the ear swab that was taken last week are back - they haven't grown anything; no trace of bacteria or fungus, so the treatment has been successful. He just needs to get over it now.

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