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training for lure-coursing

Gerben Groustra

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I am new on this list, but i know a few of you, like Liz and Vanna and some others.

I am starting to create interesests for lurechasing here in Norway / and i write in our Sighthoundmagazines on

these subjects.

How much roadwork do you put in your dogs before entering a course

Welcome Gerben!:cheesy:

I'm sure you will have some interesting and varied answers to your question.  Although I moderate this board, I have never actually been coursing.  Our dogs get 2-3 miles (or 4 kilometers if you work in those!) a day road walking to keep fit for racing, as when racing they only expend their energy in short bursts.  I would imagine a coursing dog would benefit from more running as endurance exercise.  I will read the replies from coursing enthusiasts with interest.
Maybe we should start a lure coursing forum. What do you think?
Hi Gerben

               I take part in racing & Coursing, as June says 3-4 mile is ample for racing where dogs usualy run 3-4 runs over say 150-240yds and rest between runs.

but for coursing (live) dogs may need to walk 10-15 mile in a day (for a walked meeting) and then run from 3-6 courses on top of that so 5-6 mile Rd walking and plenty of free running to build up stamina and endurance is whats needed.

i've never tried lure coursing but im planning to have a go later this year and would think training for lure coursing came some where in between these to, as the dogs run courses of around 240-500yds and then rest in between.

hope this helps Mark

(Edited by Mark Roberts at 6:45 pm on April 23, 2001)
Hi, our Savernake Chinzano Girl courses.  When I'm trying to get her ready for the season we walk as mush as I can.  Generally, I have found that 5 miles is not enough, twice this, if possible, is better. but I stop when I've had enough, the dog is happy to walk on.

During a coursing event she is happy to walk all day 09:00 to 15:00 plus run three times.  I don't know how she does it!!  But after a day in 'the field' she only gets a light walk 3 miles (I can't do any more).

With this effort she gets fed 1.5 times her normal feed for a couple of days, and I watch her weight.  We have learnt that to watch her weight is a good measure of her fitness.  I hope this is useful.

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