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Training puppy and general raising her.


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I have a thread on the introduction forum but will transfer some things to here.

What sort of walking should I be doing with puppy? I used to take her on a 20-30 minute walk (of which time includes her in garden twice to do her business so more like 15-20 minute walk) but noticed she was getting zoomies after,

I take her on shorter walks now i.e 10-15 including her stopping and she seems better and give her breakfast (on non work days) by hand training her commands at same time, mostly sit, down, leave it as I am trying to make her comfortable on her blanket (which she always sleeps on in evening before I take her to bed)

At lunchtime I feed her food in a dog tornado,

In evenings I use a frozen kong with her dry food.

This has been for a week, before that I just fed her 3 times a day either in a bowl (which I did for the previous 2 weeks) and hand fed her before that, not sure if its related but she behaved more when I hand fed her, though she is getting more grabby now when I feed her food or treats.

Shes teething so she is starting to bite furniture or mostly my arm, especially the one that is easy to get to as I sit in an armchair and my left side is easily available whilst my right side has a small table so she rarely jumps on he from that side as she can't reach it without jumping on sofa then table first.

I have tried spraying vinegar on places but she seems to like it as whenever I do she licks the areas, then again I am using a cheap store bought vinegar now, she didn't like when I bought cooking vinegar from a Asian supermarket (and even I could smell that for about 2 days after I sprayed it)

She seems to have decided her main spot for her accidents is on my sofa in corner so I have blankets there (but recently found out wee is still soaking through) I have soaked the areas in both vinegar and simple solution but it continues.

Part of her toilet training issues is she wants to play when in garden, shes getting better now I changed to a metal lead likely as when she bites it, her teeth just slide down it, but she still doesn't focus much in garden, if I let her off lead she just runs around and wants to dig or eat dirt or charges at my feet and tries to bite them.

I have a fold up crate for her but she never goes in it except when I put her food in there and I wish she would as I believe her zoomies are often related to my lights, I notice when I put them on she if far more likely to be cranky, I have led bulbs but they are bright white and more powerful than the basic ones, she never wants to nap during the day except sometimes before lunchtime and after about 9pm when shes burned out.

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