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Training Thread


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Hey Everyone

I had an idea that maybe we could have a training thread. There seems to be a thread for everything else on here lol. It could be a good place for people to put their training queries. Just a thought.
great idea indeed do i train my dogs to become mechanics or footballers? lounging about there all day when im at work :rant: time they got a job !!

:- "


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Training thread/forum would be a great idea long as the "chosen mod" knew what they were talking about :)
Strike Whippets said:
Training thread/forum would be a great idea long as the "chosen mod" knew what they were talking about  :)
I agree plus different methods work for different dogs so I think one persons methodology alone may not be always effective. Plus there's a vast array of scenarios people might want to discuss from housetraining issues to other activities eg race training etc etc. ;)
I think leave it as it is, anyone wanting any training advice in the past has always got lots of feedback from whichever forum was most suitable to that "type".
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Yeah exactly, I personally would seek advice for training my race dog from fellow racers just simply because they're so much more experienced than a dog trainer in that area.

Whenever someones had a problem in the past in regards to general training, people have posted in general discussion and been provided with a wealth of various advice because so many 'different' people have come across the thread.

The other thing is Helen is prudent enough to add helpful training info to her FAQ section too :thumbsup:
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I think it might be a good idea .......the chance to bandy around ideas and yet keep it all in one place.

As for the moderator of the suggested room, we should have a vote for whomever we deemed most suitable, yet allow anyone with relevant ideas to contribute. :thumbsup:

Some people in here seem SO knowledgable and I am always up for hearing different ideas and learning new things. :wacko:
Personally i dont like these websites where you go on and there's a million and one forums for all different things and k9 is getting that way, training fits perfectly well in gen disc and faq, imo there's no need to start a new forum just for the sake of it.
I agree with Vicky & Jac, Helen's FAQ section and also here in General dog related discussions, are both sutiable for training help and idea's :thumbsup:
yep :thumbsup: i've found a wealth of information on faq, and whats not in there, i've gotten loads of feedback :thumbsup: and if useful, helen then puts that thread on to faq
General dog training is a minefield and is sooo different for each and every breed of dog. Training to be a dog behaviour therapist is a very long winded subject and there is so much to learn. You think that years of having dogs and you know a lot but i will say that is not the case, to class yourself as a dog trainer you have to know about every breed and a lot of people just do a couple of short courses or a 2 year BTEC and say that they are qualified but i am going to do it properly and do the complete degree which will take 6 years in total (about the same as a doctor).

People all have their own ways and opinions and , yes, can help in many ways but others will have different views and i therefore think that a forum on this topic willcause more lets say differences of opinions and arguaments than ever if this isnt overseen and moderated by an expert.

Stormy.....Home Help Hounds??? Could be a nice little earner if we could train them, but most of my mutts are scared of the hoover :- "
no way ! :eek: :eek: them 2 boys of mine are out the back bleaching and painting the wall! really helpful....just hope they remembered to rinse the brushes after them :oops: or im not taking them out to the museum later (w00t)
PMSL (w00t) Well to be honest 3 of mine are at the schooling track today but ive asked them to pop into Asda on the way back so they arent completely useless....they could fetch pensions and do the shopping :- "

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